How to Complete Nameless Samurai: Dreams of Sword Art in Genshin Impact

  1. Head out to Tatarasuna, and, on the marked area in the map, you will find a nameless samurai.
  2. Talk to the nameless samurai and win a duel with him. After defeating him, he asks that you help him find his lost sword.
  3. Now search for the blade mentioned by the nameless samurai.
  4. Return the blade and win another duel with him.
  5. After defeating him the second time, he will remember drinking under the moonlight with his companions.
  6. Proceed to Kujou Encampment and talk to Kujou Masahito about the wine our nameless samurai mentioned.
  7. Look for Matsudaira. Talk to him to obtain the wine.
  8. Return to our nameless samurai and give him the wine. He regains his memory after drinking and utters his name, Masanori.
  9. Accept the challenge and defeat him for the third time.
  10. After his defeat, we proceed with a conversation and then the quest is completed.

Do notice that Masanori, the nameless samurai, is easily defeated on the first duel. And each time we complete a task and report back to him, we are invited to a duel.

For him to be defeated, players must have built-up characters that are capable of dealing high damages. Items with higher attack power, preferably set artifacts and weapons with five stars, are recommended. Even better, if you have friends come visit your world and help with defeating stronger foes.

His defenses are not so strong for the first duel, but it can be very hard to defeat him for the following duels, especially if the players’ characters are not built well enough to deal significant damage. Hence, the need to obtain higher-tier weapons and artifacts.

Check out our guides on:

  1. Obtaining and forging weapons.
  2. Refining and enhancing weapons.
  3. Obtaining and outfitting artifacts.

You’ll never know when you’ll meet another foe quite as tough as our nameless samurai, so be sure to equip your characters with the best possible and available weapons and artifacts.

Special thanks to our good friend RGC for helping us out in finishing the quest.