How to Complete Princeps Cretaceus Chapter: Act I in Genshin Impact

The Rumored Alchemist (Albedo’s Story Quest)

  1. Head to Dragonspine entrance and look for Rosaria.
  2. Ask her about Albedo’s whereabouts.

The Genius Researcher and the Seed of Another World

  1. Head towards the mountains and press the mouse scroll wheel to use your Elemental Sight.
  2. Follow Albedo’s tracks.
  3. You will find Albedo, doing a portrait of the hilichurls. Defeat them to talk with Albedo.
  4. After the conversation, head towards the test site.
  5. Upon arrival, a dialogue with Albedo starts.

The First Experiment: Elements

  1. Defeat the slimes to proceed further with the quest.
  2. After defeating the slimes, talk to Albedo.
  3. Gather three pieces of Starsilver.
  4. Once gathered, proceed to Albedo’s camp site.
  5. Take the potion Albedo prepared.
  6. Press B to access your bag / inventory.
  7. Under the Quest tab, find the Experimental Potion and press Use at the bottom right.

The Second Experiment: The World

  1. Observe the installations inside the camp.
  2. Interact with the following:
    • Record Board.
    • Shelf.
    • Table.
  3. Talk to Albedo.
  4. Learn the recipe Sunshine Sprat and cook the dish for Albedo.
  5. Press B to access your bag / inventory.
  6. Under the Precious Items tab, look for the Sunshine Sprat recipe and press Use to at the bottom right to learn the recipe.
  7. Head towards the cooking pot, make sure there is fire before pressing F to cook.
  8. On the Cook tab, locate the Sunshine Sprat recipe. Make sure to have all the ingredients ready for cooking. If you do not have them, you may want to go and find or buy them first before pressing Cook.
  9. After cooking, hand over the dish to Albedo.
  10. Look for the missing items. One is found on the shelf, and the other is under the table.
  11. After finding the Anemo Mark, return to Albedo.

The Third Experiment: Life

  1. Proceed to the next location.
  2. Reach the marked locations before the time runs out.
  3. Talk to Albedo.

The Final Experiment: Withering Glory

  1. Go to the next location for the intellegence test.
  2. There are two mechanisms found in the area, the Ruin Braziers and Seelie Courts.
  3. For the Ruin Braziers, simply climb up this pile of stone and activate the seelie, then immediately activate the other seelie. This completely activates the Ruin Braziers.
  4. Next is the Seelie Courts. One seelie is found over the rock formation and the other is over a sunken pillar by the water.
  5. Once you’ve activated the two mechanisms, the third one will be available for interaction. Press F to activate.
  6. Now proceed to investigate the area after the water has been drained.
  7. Report back to the camp and talk to Albedo about his conclusion.
  8. After the conversation, Albedo reveals that he might one day cause destruction on Teyvat and wishes that the Traveler be able to stop him.

This concludes the story quest for Albedo. We look forward to continuing his storyline and what other role our Traveler might play in future game updates.

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