How to Complete Reason of State in Witcher 3

Momentous decisions altering the fate of entire nations are often made under unusual circumstances. For example, when Geralt was asked to participate in Radovid’s assassination plot in a bathhouse. If he agreed to join, he was to attend the meeting in a warehouse by the docks where the co-conspirators hash out the details of assassinating the most powerful ruler in the north.

  1. Meet with Djikstra, Roche and Thaler at the portside warehouse.
  2. Djikstra starts by involving Philippa’s name in on the plot. She has been on the run even before her eyes were blinded by King Radovid. However, Philippa is nowhere to be found so Djikstra insists that Geralt report a lie to Radovid.
  3. You will be given a choice of whether you are in it or not.
  4. After the swift planning phase, proceed to Radovid’s ship. Give him the information to lure him out.
  5. Just outside the door, Philippa awaits for Geralt. She tells him that Radovid will never fall for the trap unless he actually has something of value to give to the King.
  6. The sorceress then givs Geralt a ring, a ruby etched with a Redanian Eagle. It was the seal of Radovids father.
  7. Having an audience with the King, Geralt is then interrupted when Radovid spoke about trickery.
  8. We then reply about professionalism and that we have proof to back up out claims. Geralt then hands over the ring to which Radovid immediately identifies as his fathers.
  9. Just as you arrive at the location of the ambush, Radovid orders his men to kill Philippa and Geralt. (Wouldn’t you want to squeeze his head like a pimple after that!)
  10. An alley fight ensues. Follow Roche and get to Radovid.
  11. Philippa kills Radovid and Roche is perplexed as to how she knew of their plan. Geralt explains that she had been eavesdropping during their planning back at the warehouse.
  12. Just as everyone was about to celebrate, Djikstra comes out from the backstage of Madam Irina’s theater declaring that there will be no truce his ambition to rule Redania and war against its enemies.
  13. Djikstra wishes Geralt to walk away as he slaughters Roche, Ves, Thaler and the others that would go against him. But we were not about to abandon our friends, so we fight with and for them.
  14. Fight and kill Djikstra and his men.

The choices we make here will affect the outcome of the game. If we side with the Temerians and kill Djikstra, we will have the Queen Ciri ending. If not, then Djikstra has Thaler, Roche, and Ves killed. He becomes chancellor of Redania, wins over Nilfgaard, and becomes an invader.