How to Complete Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Part 1: Chinju Forest in Genshin Impact

Hayashi of Tanuki in the Forest

Search for the source of the strange voice

  1. Proceed to Chinjou Forest.
  2. Upon arrival, we will hear someones voice. Look for its source.
  3. Take the path to your left. This will lead you to Ioroi’s statue.
  4. Defeat the hilichurls to interact with the statue.
  5. Talk to the weird statue about the search for wards.
  6. Ioroi spoke of a comb. However, we can only obtain it after we have found and played with three little tanukis.
  7. First tanuki, Shousei, is immediately found on the path as we enter the quest area. It transforms into a torch, and, to reveal it, we will need a character with pyro element.
  8. Second tanuki, Kichiboushi, is found hiding under a wooden barrel on a rock surrounded by hilichurls. Defeat the hilichurls and destroy the wooden barrel to reveal the tanuki.
  9. Third tanuki, Gyoubu Koban, is found also along the path. Just ahead of where the first tanuki is found. It will lead us towards the stream and transform into three torches. Use a pyro element character to reveal it.
  10. Report back to Ioroi and receive the promised comb ward.
  11. After the conversation, head towards the location of the barrier. Kichiboushi will help you locate the entrance.
  12. Here we once again find a puzzle. Use the combination to the corresponding posts to disable the barrier.
  13. Ochimusa, the mysterious samurai will again be summoned. Defeat him to cleanse the area.
  14. Kazari appears right after defeating the samurai. A cut scene and dialogue ensues before the quest is completed.

We have now finished cleansing the Chinju Forest barrier. This is the third one that we have cleansed after entering the dry well in Konda and the abandoned shrine near Mount Yougou.

Let us now proceed to either of the other locations, Araumi or Kamisato Estate to complete the Sacred Cleansing Ritual.