How to Complete Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Part 2: Araumi in Genshin Impact

For the second part of the cleansing ritual, let’s go to Araumi.

  1. As we arrive in Araumi, proceed to this broken tower. You can hardly miss this one. The tower is also surrounded by monsters. Its up to you if you’d like to clear them first or just ignore them completely.
  2. The floor of this tower is a door. To open it, we need to use the lens on the statuette.
  3. There are three of them, and each time we use the lens, hidden mechanisms appear behind it.
  4. Interact with the three mechanisms, and the floor splits open.
  5. Summon the electrogranum and immediately climb down heading straight towards the barrier.
  6. Inside the barrier are fox statues.
  7. Use any electro attacks your character has to activate the fox statue and obtain the scroll-shaped ward.
  8. Opposite the barrier is another puzzle that we need to solve. Check the number patterns for reference.
  9. Expose the posts by using the lens on the statuettes.
  10. We again meet our samurai friend. Defeat him to cleanse the area.
  11. After defeating the samurai, let’s explore the area. We turn to our right to find a door with two seelie courts and an enigmatic page.
  12. The first seelie is found floating to the side of the right pillar.
  13. To get to the second seelie, head towards the opposite corridor until you reach a puzzle. You will find the second seelie hovering above the puzzle.
  14. We couldn’t remember the exact combinations we did to solve this puzzle, but it took a while to do so.
  15. Follow the second seelie towards the seelie court then interact with the mechanism to open the door. Outside you will see two sets of stairs. With half of them submerged underwater. Dive down and swim through the opening.
  16. You will see another set of stairs that will lead you to another puzzle. Again, we lost track of how we did the puzzle but this is what it would look like when solved.
  17. Explore the area to find more mechanisms and/or chests. Be prepared for ruin guards and more.
  18. After solving the second puzzle, the water outside is drained. This will reveal another door for us to explore.
  19. Inside we will gain access to a waypoint beacon.
  20. Search the area to find this puzzle. Start on the outside and circle counterclockwise. Then move in and circle clockwise. As you cross each one, the tiles will become activated. (Note the direction of the arrows in the picture below)
  21. In the second chamber, we find another puzzle. Follow the arrows to activate every tile.
  22. Once completed, interact with the mechanism to reveal a hidden domain entrance.
  23. The domain itself is one giant puzzle piece. We will need to locate three amulets inside rooms in order to open the main door.
  24. Once all three are obtained, head towards the main door to place the three amulets we’ve collected.
  25. Inside the room are two samurai’s that we need to defeat in order to complete the domain.

We have now cleansed two out of three areas indicated in our quest. This is in addition to the first two cleansing we’ve done in Konda village and the abandoned shrine.

We have also discovered a total of four puzzles, a waypoint beacon, and a hidden domain. After all that, let us head towards the Kamisato Estate for the final cleansing.