How to Complete Sacrificial Offering in Genshin Impact

  1. Visit the abandoned shrine in the northeast of Konda Village.
  2. Investigate the mysterious shadows found within the shrine.
    • At the Abandoned Shrine’s entrance.
    • Beside this fox statue near the steps.
    • Outside the temple.
    • In a clearing opposite the temple.
    • The second fox statue.
    • And oddly, one on the roof of the temple.
  3. Have three of them gather in this area.
  4. Once they are all gathered, we will need to visit Inagi Hotomi at the Grand Narukami Shrine to unlock the Memento Lens.
  5. Once obtained, equip the Memento Lens by pressing B to access your bag/inventory. Under the gadget tab, click on the Lens and press equip at the bottom right.
  6. With the lens equipped, head back to the Abandoned Shrine and investigate the Earth Kitsune Statuette. Press Z to use the equipped lens and point your view towards the ones that are emitting purple lights. This will show you a glimpse of the events that had transpired within the abandoned shrine.
  7. After investigating, we will then proceed inside a nearby cave. To start the cleansing process, we need to solve the puzzle. The first post should be marked as one (1). The middle should be two (2) and the rest should be three (3).
  8. A Mysterious Samurai will again appear. Defeat the Samurai and talk with Kazari to complete the cleansing process in the area.

During the cutscene conversation, Kazari mentions that there are more barriers located in other sites that need cleansing to rid them of evil. And that is where we will go next. Check back for the continuation of this quest as we proceed with the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.