How to Complete Skellige Contract: Muire D’yaeblen in Witcher 3

  1. Visit Bjorg, a ship builder at the docks, to start this contract. After the conversation, locate the witnesses of the drowner attacks.
  2. First, find the Boarwright’s Apprentice.
  3. Second, find Tove, a Skellige woman whose husband was attacked and killed by drowners.
  4. After talking with the witnesses, proceed to the area where drowners were sighted. Use the Witcher Sense to immediately locate the path.
  5. Upon close inspection, we see that another victim has fallen at the hands of the drowners. Investigate further to locate the drowners’ lair using the Witcher Sense.
  6. There are two areas, that we need to investigate, and there are also two ways to enter the lair of the drowners.
  7. First is an underwater cave. A quick dive using the Witcher Sense will immediately reveal the entrance.
  8. Second, is found on the far side of the island. We only need to swim towards the cave to enter. No Diving required.
  9. The underwater cave is be the quickest way to enter the lair. However, we took the longer route just to see what else we can find in the caves. Defeat the monsters to proceed.
  10. Once you get passed the drowners, we are then introduced to this chamber and Geralt immediately sees that this is not a drowners lair.
  11. Further investigation of the lair reveals that it is home to a Water Hag.
  12. Water Hags have a keen sense of smell, and it will refuse to come out of its lair once it senses a Witcher. We will need to concoct the Drowner Pheromones potion, to mask our scent and avoid scaring away the Water Hag.
  13. Under the potions tab of our bag / inventory, find the drowners potion and equip it for quick use.
  14. Once the potion is in effect, hide behind the rocks to meditate and await the Water Hag’s return.
  15. Defeat the Water Hag and drowners as they enter the lair.
  16. Once done, interact with the defeated water hag and take of its head as a trophy.
  17. We then proceed to meet with Bjorg. We show him proof of what caused the countless death near the docks and collect our reward.

We hope you found this article helpful! Did you find anything else interesting in the caves? What did you have trouble with when completing this contract? Let us know in the comments below!