How to Complete Tatara Tales in Genshin Impact

As we went and did our nameless samurai’s errand, we came across Miyuki, a shrine maiden, and Toranosuke, a shogunate officer, talked about the Mikage Furnace. Out of curiosity we:

Ask The Two About The Situation

  1. Talk to Toranosuke about the Mikage Furnace.
  2. Look for Xavier and ask about the Mikage Furnace.
  3. Observe the Furnace from the three points marked on your map.
  4. As you proceed to other areas, always prepare and bring lots of health replenishing and attack & defense enhancing dishes.
  5. Report back to Xavier. He will then give you directions on where to find the Kamujima Cannons.
  6. Every cannon location has an electrogranum. Interact with it before operating the cannons.
  7. Press F to operate the cannon. Use W, A, S, D to change its orientation then press Enter to fire.
  8. Repeat that as many times as needed on three locations until you are able to hit the rift.
  9. The protective dome shatters and the area can now be explored.
  10. Report back to Xavier.
  11. Defeat the attacking Fatui and protect Xavier.
  12. Head towards the furnace to take a closer look.
  13. After landing at the marked spot. Take out your Special Kamera and take a picture of the furnace.
  14. Show Xavier the picture you took of the furnace.

Priority Investigation (Day 1)

  1. Talk to Xavier.
  2. Take the beacons to the marked location on the map.
  3. Report back to Xavier and wait for the beacons to collect data.

Purification Device (Day 2)

  1. For the second day, head back to Xavier and inquire whether he has finished gathering information from furnace. He then tells you about an emergency purification device to be used for the furnace.
  2. Xavier requests that you gather three Crystal Marrows.
  3. After gathering, report back to Xavier, so he can begin construction of the purification device.

Data Collection (Day 3)

  1. Visit Xavier and collect the beacons.
  2. Return to Xavier and have him analyze the collected data.

Process Is Everything (Day 4)

  1. Let’s head back to Xavier and talk to him about how the furnace is doing. He would like you to check the furnace and see how the purification device is doing. To do this, we will need to use our camera.
  2. Press B to access your bag / inventory.
  3. Under the Gadget tab, choose either the Kamera or the Special Kamera and press equip at the bottom right.
  4. Once equipped, head over to the designated areas and press Z to take pictures using the chosen camera.
  5. After taking the photos, return to Xavier and pass along the pictures. He will then analyze them, and then we are told to come back the following day.

Functional Test (Day 5)

  1. Meet with Xavier and help him gather three Okinabutos.
  2. Okinabutos are found almost everywhere in Inazuma. Once you, gathered all of them, report back to Xavier and give him the Okinabutos.

Final Preparations (Day 6)

  1. Talk to Xavier.
  2. Collect the planks and prepare to defeat the enemies surrounding the area.
  3. Once collected, proceed to the three marked locations and repair the hanging bridges leading to the furnace.

The Last Act (Day 7)

  1. Talk to Xavier for an update about the furnace.
  2. Get close to the furnace by meeting with Xavier at the marked location.
  3. Search for the missing components. Areas marked with arrows pinpoint the exact locations of these components.
  4. Bring the retrieved components to Xavier.
  5. Go deep into the furnace for the final check of the purification device.
  6. Defeat the Fatui while Xavier prepares the purification device for deployment.
  7. After defeating the Fatui, proceed towards the bottom of the furnace and meet with Xavier.
  8. Activate the purification device and defeat six Fatui.
  9. After defeating the enemies, a cut scene plays. This signifies that the furnace is now up and running again.
  10. Talk to Xavier to confirm that the furnace is running once again.
  11. We then proceed to the top of the furnace.
  12. Speak to Xavier about the furnace.
  13. Report back to Toranosuke to complete the quest and receive your rewards.

This world quest had been built up for seven days straight and is now finally complete. However, take note that taking on the Fatui within this area is very difficult, especially if your characters are not equipped with the right weapons and artifacts.

Also, do keep in mind that your party members should be somewhat resistant to the electro environment of Inazuma.

We finally understand that this quest, like many others, needs to be done daily. So there is plenty of time to ready your characters and build a good party to face the Fatui under the harsh environment of Inazuma.

We do hope to have helped you with this quest. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.