How To Complete The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia in Genshin Impact

On July 21st, 2021 Genshin Impact released the version 2.0 which contained the addition of various in-game features including new quests that further expands the Genshin Impact storyline, bosses, weapons and collectibles.

Today, we will be covering the Archon Quest, The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, along with its sub quests.

The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia
Setting Sail
Confessions of an Outlander
Ritou Escape Plan
Three Wishes
The Meaning of Meaningless Waiting
To Treat the Well-Meaning Well
A Swordsman’s Path Is Paved With Broken Blades
A Flower Blooms In A Prison

Setting Sail

As the update was released, the Inazuma map has been opened. To get you moving quickly you need to:

  1. Visit Katherine.
  2. Look for the ship Alcor outside Liyue Harbor, near Guyun Stone Forest.(Tip: It is a bit far from shore and swimming towards it will only get you a short ways before your character drowns. It’s best to glide your way to it by climbing the highest point of the mountain in Guyun Stone Forest.)
  3. Find Beidou and talk to her about travelling to Inazuma.
  4. After arriving in Inazuma, find and talk to Thoma to complete the quest.

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Confessions of an Outlander

Upon arrival in Inazuma, you are immediately greeted by Thoma. As an Outlander, you are required to do the following:

  1. Register at the Border Checkpoint.
  2. Process Application at the Outlander Affairs Agency.
  3. Visit the International Trade Association.
  4. After all that, you’ll need to find the merchant selling Crystal Marrow.
  5. As Werner is hesitant about talking you’ll need to ask Thoma for additional information on how to get to Werner’s good side.
  6. Now that you have a bit of background about our Marrow Merchant you’ll have to visit him again and see if you can persuade him.
  7. After telling him a few things about Mondstadt, he starts to calm down and start reminiscing about his time in Mondstadt. You then show Werner the goods(Dandelion).
  8. He seems to have noticed that you are trying to get to him by using his memories of the past and almost refuses to talk further, but then you show him the some Jueyun Chili from Liyue.
  9. After knowing what has happened with the Trade Association Werner will tell you about Keijirou and the schemes of the Tax Collection Bureau.
  10. Follow Keijirou, keeping a safe distance to learn about his scams. You’ll follow him just until he reaches the shore and find that he has things hidden by the shore.
  11. You then have to dig up what he had hidden to reveal a hidden ledger of all the transactions. This will be used as evidence to expose their corruption.
  12. Report to the International Trade Association what you have uncovered.
  13. Talk to Thoma to complete the quest.

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Ritou Escape Plan

By now you’re probably wondering about going to other areas of Inazuma but since you just arrived, you still haven’t gotten your documentations yet. However, you have been given instructions of how you may be able to leave Ritou. To do this:

  1. Visit the Kanjou Commisioners Office.
  2. Talk with Hiiragi Shinsuke (Don’t worry, if you haven’t done the quest already, Shinsuke will be present in the picture). It is evident in the conversation that he does not want you to leave Ritou.
  3. As soon as you leave the Kanjou Commisioners Office, Shinnojou will stop you, telling you about a letter from Hiiragi Chisato.
  4. Go to the designated meeting point, Chisato will be waiting for you. She offers safe passage out of Ritou in exchange of a favor.
  5. Go to Ritou’s borders to execute Chisato’s plan.
  6. Escort the goods and leave Ritou
  7. Say farewell to Hiiragi Chisato.

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Three Wishes

To initiate navigation for this quest you need to:

  1. Press J to open your journal. Click on Three Wishes found below the The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.
  2. Press M to open your map and check to see where you should go to start the quest.
  3. Click on the nearest Waypoint then click Teleport.
  4. Follow the shimmering dots. They will lead you to where you should go. You may also press M and check your map from time to time.
  5. Get close enough to the Komore Teahouse door. Press F to enter the Teahouse.
  6. (Cut Scene) Once inside you will be greeted by a dog sitting on the countertop. For a time you will think that you are conversing with the dog.
  7. (Cut Scene) Thoma appears from the back revealing that he has been the voice of that dog to test the Paimon and the Traveler.
  8. After further conversation with Thoma, you are instructed to visit the Statue of the Omnipresent God.
  9. Exit the Teahouse.
  10. Press M to check your map and location of the Statue.
  11. Continue to follow the shimmering dots.
  12. Then press F to enter the Yashiro Commission Headquarters.
  13. There will be another cut scene and once you finish it the Three Wishes quest will also be completed.

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The Meaning of the Meaningless Waiting

After finishing Three Wishes, your quest navigation immediately switches to the next available Archon Quest – The Meaning of the Meaningless Waiting.

To start the quest:

  1. Press M to reveal your map and check the next location.
  2. Click on the nearest available Waypoint to teleport.
  3. Once there, get to the location marker.
  4. A cut scene is played when you’re within the marked area.
  5. After the cut scene, you are to interact with with Mahiru and Kenjirou.
  6. When you are done talking to them, Tejima will be available to interact with.
  7. During the cut scene it is revealed that Tejima has somehow lost his memory. You are then tasked to look for clues around the area.
  8. First you will find a Diary just outside his house.
  9. Second visit the nearby shrine and investigate.
  10. Third, after investigating the shrine, you are to use the Elemental Sight. You simply hold down the center mouse button or any particular key you may have it set on in your keyboard or controller.
  11. While using the Elemental Sight, change your view from left to right to see if there is an unusual light then follow where it leads.
  12. You’ll arrive in a spot between a tree and a house. Press F to check it out.
  13. After checking, you’ll acquire a Yellowed Letter.
  14. Take it to Tejima, initiate a conversation and complete the quest.

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To Treat The Well-Meaning Well

After completing the The Meaning of the Meaningless Waiting quest we now proceed with To Treat The Well-Meaning Well quest. To complete this you:

  1. Press J to open your quest journal. Click Navigate.
  2. Open your map by pressing M and locate your quest marker.
  3. Teleport to the nearest Waypoint.
  4. Follow the shimmering dots towards the next quest.
  5. A cut scene plays when you get close. And after that you get to interact with Kurosawa Kyounosuke.
  6. Press F to talk with him.
  7. After your conversation find the Treasure Hoarders he spoke about.
  8. Press M to open your map and locate the marker.
  9. Pay the Treasure Hoarders a visit and then take them down.
  10. Just before defeating the Treasure Hoarders, they offer to give you the box they took from Kurosawa Kyounosuke in exchange for their freedom.
  11. Upon opening, to all of your surprise, the contents of the box were not treasures but a bunch of IoUs. You agree to let the Treasure Hoarders go.
  12. You then proceed to visit Ms. Aoi. Press M to check the marker and teleport to the nearest Waypoint.
  13. Press F to speak to Ms. Aoi as soon as you arrive.
  14. After the cut scene, proceed to Kurosawa Kyounosuke.
  15. Press F to talk with him.
  16. After you recount the events, Kurosawa Kyounosuke says a few words before the quest is completed.

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A Swordsman’s Path Is Paved With Broken Blades

This will be the third person who “lost their vision”. This is also the third and final wish mentioned in the Three Wishes quest. To proceed you should:

  1. Press J to open quest journal.
  2. Click on Navigate .
  3. Press M to open map view and check where you need to go.
  4. After teleporting to the nearest waypoint, proceed to the marker indicated in you map.
  5. Once you have arrived at the designated area, a cut scene will play.
  6. You will then have to wait until night between 18:00 – 24:00.
  7. To adjust the time, hit ESC to access the Time function of the game.
  8. You’ll need to adjust the clock to be within the specified time.
  9. Once done, Press F to talk to Junya.
  10. After talking to Junya, you’ll see someone running away from Domon’s house. You’ll need to follow that suspicious person and investigate further.
  11. Now that you’ve found the suspicious person, press F and talk to him.
  12. After your conversation, return to the exorcism site, at Domon’s house.
  13. You may run down or fly down from the top.
  14. When you arrive, a cut scene plays. After that, you’ll be instructed to go to the Grand Narukami Shrine to see the shrine maiden.
  15. You’ll have to climb up the top of the mountain. Once there, a cut scene will play explaining what is actually happening to Domon.
  16. After the cut scene, the quest is then completed.

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A Flower Bloom’s In A Prison

This is the final quest that will complete the The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia Archon Quest. This quest will give us a first glimpse of Kujou Sara. To start this final quest in the series:

  1. Press J to open your quest journal.
  2. Return to Kamisato Estate.
  3. A cut scene will play with Kamisato Ayaka expressing gratitude for completing the Three Wishes quest.
  4. After the conversation, proceed to this area in your map.
  5. Once there, a cut scene will play about the Vision Hunt Decree.
  6. After the cut scene, proceed to the Police Station to help Master Masakatsu escape.
  7. Enter the Police Station through a secret door behind the building.
  8. The secret door is in fact a Domain Entrance. You’ll have to arrange your party members to contain Pyro and Cryo characters.
  9. Click Start to proceed.
  10. While inside the domain, you will be facing enemies with various difficulties.(Tip: It’s best that you have plenty of healing dishes with you.)
  11. You’ll need to collect artifacts. They will be necessary to open this huge metal door.
  12. After entering, you’ll have to clear your path before arriving at Master Masakatsu’s holding cell.
  13. Proceed to rescue Master Masakatsu. As you come closer, a cut scene plays. After the cut scene the domain challenge is completed.
  14. After leaving the Police Station, a cut scene is played.
  15. You are then instructed to return to the Komore Teahouse.
  16. After entering a cut scene will be played again, and once the scene is done, the quest is then completed.

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You have now completed the newest addition to the Archon quests. If your character had already reached a higher Adventure Rank, you are be able to proceed with the next Archon Quest: Stillness, The Sublimation of Shadow.

We hope to have helped with your travels in Inazuma. Do let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, checkout our other articles pertaining to the recent Genshin Impact update.