How to Complete The Moon-bathed Deep in Genshin Impact

To start this quest series, we will need to visit Tsuyuko, a Shrine maiden, located at Mouun Shrine in Watatsumi Island. By talking to her, we have unlocked the quest Moon-bathed Deep, a series of quests that aims “to break the barrier that blocks the connection between Enkanomiya and Sangonomiya.”

To do this, we will need to retrieve the spirit pearls from the five shrines named EYE, FANG, FIN, TAIL, and HEART around Watatsumi island. Each location is duly marked on the map for quick navigation.

The Eye Of Watatsumi

  1. This is the closest location from where Tsuyuko is and so we proceed there immediately.
  2. On the marked location we find a shrine encircled with a seal and on its side is a stone tablet. Interace with the tablet to proceed further with the quest.
  3. Use the Elemental Sight to follow energy streams and see where it leads us. We eventually arrive at a location where a strange purple glowing orb floats by the shore.
  4. We will need to use an elemental charged attack for this to break the seal. Luckily, the Traveller can easily be included in the party to do such that.
  5. Breaking the seal will attract monsters. And here we see that slimes are summoned right after the seal is broken. Defeat the slimes then proceed to the next location.
  6. Arriving on the next location, we immediately spot two Ruin Sentinels. Defeat them and use the Elemental Sight to continue our search for the seal.
  7. The seal is located just behind the boat. Break the second seal by using elemental charge attacks.
  8. After breaking the second seal, we then continue using our Elemental Sight to locate the third and final seal for the eye of watatsumi. It is located at the top of a cliff, just behind the shrine. Proceed by breaking the seal and defeating the monsters.
  9. Now that we’ve located and broken all three seals, proceed with obtaining the Spirit Pearl on the shrine.
  10. Once the Spirit Pearl is retrieved, the Eye of Watatsumi quest is now complete.

Fang of Watatsumi

  1. After completing the Eye of Watatsumi, proceed to the second marked location for the Fang of Watatsumi.
  2. Here we will find another shrine with a stone tablet on the side. Interact with the tablet and follow the instructions.
  3. Activate and protect the Ley Line Monolith from the attacking monsters.
  4. Once the monsters are defeated, head back towards the unlocked shrine.
  5. Obtain the Spirit Pearl to complete this quest.

Fin of Watatsumi

  1. Proceed to the marked location to obtain the third Spirit Pearl.
  2. Start by interacting with the stone tablet beside the sealed shrine.
  3. There are two puzzles that we need to solve in order to remove the shrines seal.
  4. What we need to do is to reposition the statues until a light appears on the floor towards the center, then interact with the only unique piece of the puzzle. Do the same with the other puzzle to remove the seal on the shrine.
  5. Once done, head back to the shrine.
  6. Obtain the third Spirit Pearl to complete the quest.

Tail of Watatsumi

  1. Head towards the marked location for the fourth and final Spirit Pearl.
  2. Defeat the Fatui stationed at the shrine.
  3. After defeating the Fatui, interact with the stone tablet.
  4. We will have to light up a few lanterns to remove the seal on the shrine. To do this, locate the electrogranum at the base of the hill.
  5. Get near the stone lanterns and instill the electrograna into them. Do this for all six stone lanterns to remove the seal.
  6. Just as the seal is broken, Fatui ambushers appear.
  7. Defeat the Fatui Ambushers and once done, return to the shrine to obtain the Spirit Pearl and complete the quest.

Heart of Watatsumi

  1. After completing the Tail of Watatsumi, go to Sangonomiya Shrine.
  2. Once there, talk with Tsuyuko for her final request.
  3. Proceed to the the marked location and find the gate to the Heart of Watatsumi.
  4. The seal can only be opened using the four Spirit Pearls we gathered from the shrines.
  5. Interact with the gate and immediately our bag opens. Click on the Spirit Pearl, click Submit then click Give.
  6. After unlocking the gate, we are now able to access this chamber. Here we find four puzzles that needed solving. All of them are the exact same ones that we solved back on The Fin of Watatsumi.
  7. After solving each puzzle, hydro elemental enemies appear at the center. Defeat them on all four puzzles.
  8. After solving the puzzles and defeating the enemies, a cut scene plays with water from each puzzle converge into an orb at the ceiling of the cave.
  9. We then grab the Key of Moon-bathed Deep and present it to Tsuyuko.
  10. Talk to Tsuyuko about the key to complete the quest series.

We hope this guide helped you with finding and completing the Moon-bathed Deep quest. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.