How to Complete the Of Swords and Dumplings Quest in Witcher 3

This quests aims to stop the monopoly of smithing in Novigrad. Hattori is a well know blacksmith and has produced quality gear. Help him and you will be handsomely reward.

  1. Visit Hattori in his dumpling shop to start the quest.
  2. Make a deal with his supplier and escape the ambush.
  3. Hire Sukrus as Hatorri’s bodyguard. He’ll agree on one condition, that you become his debt collector for a time.
  4. Proceed to the docks and talk to the trader on the boat. If he does not pay, destroy the barrels.
  5. To proceed with smithing, Hattori will need supplies. Get Sukrus and his boys to gather supplies.
  6. Get to Enrst van Hoorn’s warehouse and bribe the guard so you can enter.
  7. Use your Witcher Sense to locate the required crafting supplies.
  8. As you exit, Enrst van Hoorn and his thugs await outside. Defeat them and return to Hattori.
  9. You’ll need to meditate to pass the time while Hattori crafts your sword.

You have now unlocked master crafters in Novigrad. Explore more to find crafters and unlock items and gears you can use in your quests. Let us know what you find in the comments below!