How to Complete the Quest A Dangerous Game in Witcher 3

  1. Visit Zoltan Chivay at Rosemary and Thyme to start the quest. You’ll need to obtain the following Gwent Cards: Fringilla Vigo, Isengrim and Natalis.
  2. Get to this house, you notice that someone is inside but the door is locked.
  3. Climb up and find a way inside the house.
  4. Once inside, use your Witcher Sense and investigate the home.
  5. Climb down the stairs and you’ll find two guards. Eliminate them and retrieve Zed’s key and the Isengrim card.
  6. Use Ard sign underneath the stairs to reveal a secret door that contains Zed’s ledger. Get the ledger and return to Zoltan.
  7. After reporting to Zoltan, meet with him outside of Caesar Bilzen’s house.
  8. Now that you and Zoltan are inside Bilzen’s house, find an opportunity to search his house. Climb upstairs. Using your Witcher Sense, interact with the knife over a table to open the drawer.
  9. You will get a triangular key from the drawer this will open a hidden door. Get to this bookshelf to use the key.
  10. Enter the room and proceed upstairs. You will find the Fringilla card underneath this painting.
  11. On the opposite side you’ll see an armor. To its left is a cabinet. Search it to find a Jade Figurine which will activate The Soldier Statuette quest. The game is full of hidden quests and surprises, so be sure to search every nook and cranny.
  12. Now head back down and tell Zoltan that you’ve found what you were looking for.
  13. Now to get the final card, John Natalis, we need to play gwent with this lot over here to obtain it and then return to Zoltan.
  14. The cards have been collected. It is now time for you and Zoltan to meet with his buyer.That’s when you’ll. realize you were ambushed, and that the real buyer has been disposed of by Duke and his goons.
  15. Chase Duke. Climb up the ladder until you reach the top.
  16. As you reach this room, climb down the ladder until you reach the sewers.
  17. You will be locked out and will need to find a way out of the sewers. Use the Ard sign to destroy this wall.
  18. Duke is badly wounded by the drowners and you finally catch up to him. You may choose to finish him off or just let him go after obtaining the gold and the card.
  19. Report back to Zoltan and recount what happened after catching up to Duke. His reaction will depend on whether you killed Duke or let him go. Zoltan will also make you choose between the gold and the gwent cards. Just go with the cards and let the dwarf be happy with his gold.

The Soldier Statuette

  1. Visit Triss and show her the statuette you found in Bilzen’s house.
  2. You find out that the figurine is an actual person compressed using magic and was left, forgotten by it’s caster.
  3. Prepare to decompress the statue to reveal if it really is a person that has been cursed.

The first quest was to obtain gwent cards. This is in connection with the Collect ‘Em All quest. To truely collect them all, you’ll need to interact with as many vendors. and characters as you can and purchase or challenge them to play gwent in order for you to obtain more cards.

The second quest is just a reminder that due diligence in investigating, leaving no stone unturned, pays off with either getting new items, activating quests, and getting other in-game surprises.

We hope to this helped you with completing your quest and reminded you that each game, specially Witcher 3, has its fair share of hidden surprises. Do let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.