How to Complete the Treatment On The Island Quest in Genshin Impact

This quest does not appear in our quest journal. It only appears on the map when we are near the area. To get it we will need to teleport to Yashiori Island. Make your way towards the gap that divides Higi Village and Fort Fujitou. There we will find Yasumoto.

  1. Cross the gap and talk to Yasumoto.
  2. He is trying to find a cure and requires twelve (12) pieces of Naku Weeds. Once we’ve gathered them, we return and give Yasumoto the Naku Weeds.
  3. After we give him the required herb, Yasumoto requests that we meet with him the following day between 18:00 – 21:00.Adjust the clock to set the time you want. Press confirm and head towards Yasumoto.
  4. After a day of making the remedy using the herbs, Yasumoto will need a test subject to conduct an experiment. Thankfully he volunteers; however, this somewhat weakens him, and we have to defend him from enemies.
  5. We will need to protect him from three waves of enemies.
  6. After defeating them, return to Yasumoto to complete the quest.

We hope to have helped you with this quest. It isn’t much, but it sure did give us something to work on while running around aimlessly.

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