How to Complete Wild at Heart in Witcher 3

This quest is unlocked when you visit the Crows Perch Boards. This is a contract to find a missing woman. To continue with the quest:

  1. Visit Niellen in his hut.
  2. Agree to look for Hannah.
  3. Ask the neighbors about Niellen’s wife.
  4. Some children saw Hannah leave with a woman. They were last seen headed into the forest.
  5. As you arrive, use your Witcher Sense to find clues.
  6. Look around some more until you find a tuft of fur. Follow its scent leading you deep into the woods.
  7. You will come across shredded clothing without a blood. Further away, you will see a cabin.
  8. Enter the cabin to investigate and find other clues.
  9. Find a way to get underneath the cabin. Open the door using Aard sign. Use cat potion to see in the dark and defeat the werewolf.
  10. You’ll find out that Niellen is the werewolf and that he was the one who killed her wife, Hannah. However, the incident was put in motion because Hannah’s sister was jealous of her. She wanted Niellen even though she’d known all along about him being a werewolf, so she brought Hannah during a time when Niellen was to transform into a werewolf.

When Niellen found out about it, he told his sister-in-law that he would kill her willingly because of what she had done. You will now decide whether to allow Niellen to kill her or to let her go.

Whichever choice you make, the ending is still the same. Niellen had lived a cursed life and had lost his wife when he transformed into a werewolf. He dies at Geralt’s hand, ending the terror which he might bring into his village.