How to Get Rid of Freckles

Freckles are tiny brown spots that can appear on the skin due to many factors. The most common places where freckles usually appear are the arms, shoulders and facial skin due to sun exposure.

As you can see from this research study, there are two types of freckles: ephelides and solar lentigines. Despite the popular belief, it’s interesting that nobody is born with freckles. However, they can be genetic and appear later in life.

The gene that’s responsible for your early childhood freckles is caller MC1R, and that is for ephelides. The gene is also partly responsible for and associated with red hair and pale skin.

If your freckles appeared later in life, they belong to the solar lentigo type, which appears due to photodamage.

Either way, if you aren’t proud of them, you should learn how to get rid of freckles. Please note that freckles aren’t harmful, though in some cases they could be a sign of skin cancer.

Why Do Freckles Appear?

The first type of freckles was explained above, but what causes the second one? This information is valuable in order to save your skin from developing brown spots in the first place.

You see, freckles consist of clusters of skin cells. They are full of a pigment called melanin. The pigment that we are talking about is directly responsible for the formation of freckles.

If your skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long period of time and without any type of protection, then the melanocytes will increase the production of melanin, therefore leading to the appearance of freckles.

So, what can prevent freckles from appearing? The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) suggests sunscreens that have an SPF value of 30 or even higher. You should apply sunscreen before you go outside (at least 15 minutes before).

Getting Your Skin Cleaned

The effective freckle removal treatment isn’t the same for everyone. Also, not everyone will respond to it the same way.

Keeping in mind that natural treatments are always the best possible options, here is how to get rid of freckles at home, and hopefully with ease:

1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

The ingredients that you will need for this method are honey (1 tablespoon) and apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon).

The treatment is quite simple. Just mix the apple cider vinegar with honey and apply the mix on the freckles. You should leave it like that for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash the area with warm water.

Apple cider vinegar is effective because it contains malic acid which reveals the lighter skin underneath the freckles.

You should be applying this mixture every single day. If you are trying to get rid of freckles from your facial skin, then apply the mixture every other day.

2. Use Aloe Vera

All that you will need here is a good commercially available aloe vera gel (or extract your own). Apply the gel directly on the freckles and massage the area for about 3 to 4 minutes. After that, leave the gel on for an additional 10 minutes. The last step is to rinse the area with warm water.

It is recommended that you apply the gel right before bedtime and leave it on until you wake up. Aloe vera is safe and there are no side effects. You should repeat this process every single day.

Aloe vera works because it contains aloesin which prevents pigmentation.

3. Use Baking Soda

Just a pinch of baking soda and 2 drops of castor oil are needed for this treatment. Again, the procedure is quite simple. Mix these two ingredients and apply to your freckles. Leave the mixture on for about 30 minutes and then rinse the area with warm water.

You can do this treatment 2 times per day. Baking soda is excellent against freckles as it removes the darkened skin cells and clears your skin.

4. Use Kiwi and Strawberries

Kiwi is a fruit full of antioxidants that protect and nurture the skin. On the other hand, strawberries are full of Vitamin C and enzymes that can lighten the skin under your freckles.

For this treatment, you will need 1 kiwi and 2 strawberries. Make a pulp out of these two fruits and apply it to your freckles. Leave the mixture on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

You can perform this treatment 2 times per day.

5. Use Avocado Oil

This treatment requires you to apply 2 or 3 drops of avocado oil on your freckles. Leave it like that for about 2 hours. You should repeat the avocado oil treatment once every day.

Avocado oil is a very good skin conditioner. It contains lots of antioxidants, such as vitamin A, D, E that directly impact the spots caused by UV light.

6. Use Banana Peel

Just a small piece of banana peel is enough for this delicious treatment. You should rub the banana peel (the inside of it) directly on your freckles and leave your skin like that for a few minutes. After that, simply rinse your face with warm water.

This treatment works well with others from this list.

Besides the anti-freckles function, banana peel also has an anti-aging effect because of the gluconolactone that is found in it.

Doctors May Suggest: Laser Therapy

As the last possible solution to the question of how to get rid of freckles – there is laser therapy.

Laser treatment works by exposing the affected skin area with intense light. There are different types of lasers today and they are being used quite routinely, but are they safe? Are they even effective?

To be honest, some of them are more effective than others.

According to this research study, YAG laser is proven to be effective, reliable and safe. After a month of treatment, all five patients got rid of their freckles.

YAG laser is so popular that there was another study with the same positive results.

Also, Q-Switched Alexandrite laser is known for its effectiveness against freckles as proven here.

Although these lasers are proven effective, some side effects might occur:

  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Redness

The Final Verdict

Now you know how to get rid of freckles the natural way. Remember that all good things take time, so be patient with your treatment. If you don’t notice any change after a while, visit your doctor and explain the situation, and perhaps ask about laser treatment.