How to Milk Your Prostate

Prostate massage or milking can be prescribed to men for a wide range of issues, such as prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. Though the evidence of its benefits is mostly anecdotal, prostate massage is becoming a more and more widespread treatment method.

Proper education and preparation are of key importance, as bad technique and poor hygiene can cause great damage to the area and bring numerous medical complications. Keep reading to find out how to milk your prostate in a safe and healthy way.


Some experts agree that a regular prostate massage therapy can help with a wide range of issues. The greatest benefit is the regular clearing of the prostatic duct. It can also help relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. Here are other conditions on which regular prostate massage could have beneficial effects:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Inflammation of the urinal tract


Prostate massage or milking does, however, come with its own set of risks. If you’re not careful, you can seriously damage your prostate gland, walls of the colon, and anus.

Possible complications of an excessively vigorous massage can result in hemorrhoids, perforation of the rectal lining, infection, bleeding, septicaemia, and gangrene.

It is not advised for men suffering from prostate cancer to perform the milking, as it may help spread cancer cells to nearby organs or other parts of the body.

To minimize the risk, you should seek out a medical professional who can give you instructions on how to perform the milking in a safe and healthy way. If you want your partner to perform it for you, they should also get educated on the matter before proceeding.


There are several things you should do before you proceed with the milking. Here’s how to prepare for the session:

  • Empty your bladder and bowels. You can also opt for an enema.
  • Take a shower.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and clip your nails.
  • If you’re using a massager, make sure it’s clean and properly disinfected.
  • Have a condom or a surgical glove. If you’re allergic to latex, use the non-latex variety.
  • Prepare the lube.

In the following sections, we’ll explain how to milk your prostate using either the external or the internal method.

External Method

The external method does not involve inserting your fingers or a massaging device into your anus. Instead, you will use either to massage the perineum, the area that’s located between the scrotum and the anus.

This approach doesn’t guarantee the results as external massage can be insufficient on its own. This largely depends on the masseur’s skill level and the sensitivity of the area. Usually, it takes more time to drain the prostate this way than it would with the internal method.

You may or may not opt to use a glove or lubricant for this method. It is not necessary, though it might help smooth the entire process. Also, you may perform the massage with fingers or with a massager specially designed for this purpose.

Whatever you opt for, it is always advisable to empty your bowels and bladder before proceeding with the external massage.

Finger Massage

You should start by gently rubbing the perineum area with your fingers or a massage device of your choice. Keep massaging for several minutes and make sure to cover the entire length of the perineum. If you feel discomfort or have sensitive skin, consider applying some lube.

You should keep going until the semen is released from the prostate. Have in mind that it might take a while, especially if you’re inexperienced.

Using a Massager

You can perform the milking with a prostate massager for external application. They are designed to be sat on and to provide pressure to the perineum. External massagers usually have the vibration function to help facilitate the process.

As with finger massage, it might take some time before you see the results. Of course, if it is excessively uncomfortable or becomes painful, stop the massage and consider another approach.

Internal Method

The internal method entails the direct stimulation of the prostate. It is done through the anus and involves inserting either fingers or a massage device into the cavity to achieve the desired result.

You can opt to perform the milking yourself or ask your partner. If you feel reluctant to do either, you can always go to a doctor. If you’re inexperienced, it is advisable to turn to a professional for help to rule out possible health complications.

Clearing your bowels and emptying your bladder is a must if you opt for this method. It is also recommended to perform an enema prior to milking your prostate.

Finger Massage

First, put a glove or a condom over the hand with which you will be performing the massage. You don’t want to spread the bacteria living in your colon to other parts of the body.

Next, pour some lube on your fingers and apply it to the inside of your anus. Though it might be unnerving if you don’t have experience with prostate milking, try to relax and breathe normally.

Locate the prostate and start gently rubbing it. The prostate is, depending on your height, 2 to 4 inches up the colon. Technically, it is not in the colon. It is located on the outside, between the bladder and the colon wall.

At first, you should apply the pressure for only several seconds before pulling back. The prostate is roughly the size of a walnut and is round-shaped. Its surface is smooth and very sensitive to the touch.

Repeat the previous step as many times as needed. You can try massaging different areas of the prostate if you can. It is nothing unusual if you experience erection during the process.

Using a Massager

You can also opt to massage your prostate with a massage device. If you choose to go this route, get a massager that’s specifically designed for this purpose. Make sure it is a quality product that won’t do any harm to your prostate or the anus.

Generally, there are two types of massagers, with and without vibration. Both are shaped to fit the shape of the rectum and come in different sizes to match the position of the prostate. It is strongly advised that you do not use any other device for this purpose.

First, lubricate the massager thoroughly and then insert it into your anus. As with finger massage, you should start gently and apply the pressure to the prostate gland for several seconds before pulling back.

Repeat the previous step as many times as needed. Have in mind that the electric massagers with vibration function can also help with inflammation, improve the blood flow in the area of application, and relax the prostate gland.

Final Thoughts

While potentially risky, a prostate massage can help with a number of problems, including benign prostatic hyperplasia, inflammation of the urinal tract, and erectile dysfunction.

You should take some time to educate yourself on the proper methods and techniques. Performing the massage with little or no knowledge can have grave consequences on your health. Consult your doctor if you’re not sure whether or not you should do it.