How To Obtain Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn in Genshin Impact

On September 1st, 2021 Genshin Impact rolled out the latest 2.1 update. With this update came a character most of u are familiar with, Aloy, from Horizon Zero Dawn. At the moment she is only available for Playstation users and will probably be available for PC gamers when version 2.2 comes out on the 24th of November.

To acquire her, every player must be at least Adventure Rank 20 and follow. these steps:

  1. Login to your Genshin Impact Account for the Playstation.
  2. Check your in-game mailbox.
  3. Hit Accept like any other event reward.
  4. Head over to the Party Setup.
  5. Select a slot / character to be replaced.
  6. Locate Aloy.
  7. Select her and hit Switch.
  8. Switch to Aloy to use her as a main character.

Aloys abilities include:

Normal Attack: Rapid Fire
NormalPerforms up to four consecutive shots using a bow.
ChargePerforms a more precise, aimed shot, dealing cryo damage.
PlungingFires off a barrage of arrows before hitting ground, dealing huge Area of Effect (AoE) damage.
Elemental Skill
Frozen WildsThrows a freeze bomb that deals cryo damage and splits into chillwater minibombs which explode and deal cryo damage when they come into contact with monsters or after a short period. These bombs and minibombs decrease enemy attack damage and adds one stack of coil which increases her normal attack damage. When a four coil stack is reached, Aloy enters the rushing ice state that allows her to gain increased normal attack damages imbued with cryo effects.
Elemental Burst
Prophecies of DawnAlow throws a power which deals cryo AoE damage after it detonates.
Easy Does ItIf Aloy is included in the party, you are able to hunt all manner of beasts and avian that produce fowl, raw meat or chilled meat at 100% efficiency as they are not startled in Aloy’s presence.
Combat OverrideAfter Aloy receives the stack of coil from the Frozen Wilds, her attack is increase by 16% and 8% for every party member for a period of 10s.
Strong StrikeIn her rushing ice state, Aloy gains of up to 35% bonus cryo damage every second for a short period.

As with every character in Genshin Impact, ascension is key to increase character level and the ability to use powerful skills and weapons. Since Aloy has the cryo element you’ll need the following ascension materials.

Character / Talent Ascension MaterialsHow to obtain
Shivada JadeEliminate Cryo Regisvines and Hypostases.
Crystal MarrowHarvest the crystals directly. Go to the Serpents Remains (Orobashi’s Bones) in Yashiori Island in Inazuma.
Spectral HuskDefeat Specters in Watatsumi or Seirai Island in Inazuma.
Teachings of FreedomEnter the Forsaken Rift Domain during Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays and clear each floor to receive the rewards.
Molten MomentDropped by La Signora Boss on level 70 and up.
Crown of InsightComes with seasonal events, upgrading the Frostbearing Tre

Aloy’s weapon in Genshin Impact is the same with Horizon Zero Dawn, a bow and arrow.

The Amos Bow is more suitable for her use. It is a five-star bow that increases normal and charged attacks by 12% and a further 8% for every 0.1s the arrow is flying. Amos Bow is preferred compared to the Predator Bow because it has been reported that it currently does not work properly on the Playstation.

Another alternative is the Hamayumi, a four-star bow which increases normal and charged attack damage by 16% and 12% respectively. As Aloy’s energy reaches 100% the effects are doubled.

Her artifact is the Shimenawas’ Reminiscence. Having 2 pieces will increase the attack by 18%. Having 4 pieces results in casting an elemental skill boost on normal, charged and plunging attack damage by 50% for 10s when having 15 energy or more.

Do note however, that Aloy will only be available during the crossover event period. So if you really want to add her to your roster of heroes, then by all means, login your Genshin Impact Account and be on your merry way. But if you fell short of the Adventure Rank 20 requirement, then it’s time for you to get grinding and hit AR 20 or you’ll miss the chance on having her part of your list of powerful heroes.