How to obtain the International Travel Log in Genshin Impact

This quest is not listed in our quest journal, and the only way to start this is by talking to a little girl named Midori.

  1. Head towards the area marked with a red dot.
  2. Visit and talk with Kazue at the Komore Teahouse.
  3. Go inside the Teahouse and look for Ramsay. Talk to him about the travelogue.
  4. Meet with him at a nearby beach.
  5. After talking to him, walk around the beach until you find Heihachi and ask about why he was following you and Ramsay.
  6. Return to Ramsay for a quick conversation.
  7. Proceed to the next location, near a waterfall in Byakko Plain, to meet with Ramsay, and he’ll request that you meet in a safer spot.
  8. On our way there, we again cross paths with Heihachi.
  9. Climb up the nearby mountain and meet with Ramsay.
  10. Once we reach the top, a dialogue starts with Ramsay, and he mentions that he also notices Heihachi tailing him where ever he goes.
  11. Return to Komore Teahouse and obtain Ramsay’s work and take it to Midori.
  12. Also present is Heihachi giving us a piece of his mind.
  13. Exit the Teahouse and give Midori the travelogue written by Ramsay to complete the quest.

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