How To: Play Hades

Hades is a roguelite fast-paced action game developed by Supergiant Games earlier for Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch and later included PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S.

You play Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he attempts to escape the depths of the underworld. The game is about defying death; however, death is a part of the experience. During your escape attempt, you’ll face various types of enemies with increasing difficulties.

You start in one of the rooms of Tartarus.

To move up, left, down and right, you use the keys W, A, S, and D respectively. Use Spacebar to Dash. Left Mouse Button to use Normal Attack or Charged Attacks. And the Right Mouse Button uses to shoot a Bloodstone which causes damage to enemies.

For the first room, you are presented with any item. For this one, we have an upgrade item, the Daedalus Hammer. This hammer is used to upgrade one skill and attributes that your weapon has.

Before you enter the room, the door shows what type of reward you will gain. This reward will only be obtained after the room has been cleared of your enemies.

For this first encounter, we receive a gift from Posiedon.

Our second encounter rewards us with Gems. This is a type of currency used to purchase Underworld Renovations, Special Items from the House Contractors and Chthonic Keys from the Wretched Broker.

For the third one, we are rewarded with Darkness. This is used to upgrade Zagreus’s Talents using the Mirror of The Night.

During each run you’ll enter rooms that contain two doors. This is now a matter of choice with which god you’re keen on continuing to receive gifts from. In our case, We’ve already received boons from Posiedon, so it’s an easy choice for us to pick the door where we can receive additional boons from the same god.

If you compare the first set of boons we’ve received from Posiedon, you may see that Tempest Flourish has been repeated. It’s best to choose another boon to add to your characters abilities while in combat. Here are some of Posiedons boons that you may acquire during runs.

In this instance, we come across a door containing another type of currency called Charon’s Obols or Obols. These are used to purchase various items from Charon. He’s not the most talkative, but may prove useful at times of need.

This room contains two doors. The one on the left leads towards Charon, the one we previously discussed, and the other contains a Chthonic Key. This key is used to unlock additional talents in the Mirror of the Night, unlock weapons in the armory and purchase Nectar from the Wretched Broker.(Tip: The fountain to the upper right will replenish a small amount of your characters health points.)

The Nectar is an artifact currency used as gifts towards other gods. When a god is gifted with nectar, that god will return the favor by gifting back a keepsake. Nectar also increases your affinity with the gods.However, Alecto, Tisiphone, Theseus and Asterius cannot be gifted with nectar. With that said, you must also watch out for Patroclus, Eurydice, Thanatos and Sisyphus as they are very rare. It is advised that you keep one or two nectars with you in case you get a chance encounter with them.

Keepsakes are items that help you by providing special attributes like added bonus to attack damage, increased percentage of being able to land critical damage.

We hope you found this article helpful and now understand the basic principles of this game. Have fun playing the game and Good Luck! If you find any helpful tricks or special hidden keepsakes, let us know in the comments. below!