How To Play Idle Heroes Part 2

Previously, we’ve introduced the Daily Quests and here we will show you a few more that’ll surely interest you more than ever.

Creation Circle

In one or many ways, you will obtain 4-star heroes or 4-star hero shards. Within the Creation Circle, players are able to fuse them to create a 5-star hero. All you need are:

  1. 2x copies of a 4-star hero you wish to upgrade to 5-star.
  2. 6x 4-star sacrifice heroes and.
  3. 4x 3-star sacrifice heroes.

Do note however, that all of them should be on the same faction in order to make it work.

Aspen Dungeon

Aspen Dungeon is a PvE dungeon that opens for 48 hours with an interval of 96 hours between openings. Similar to the Brave Trial where your team is matched against other players’ teams, here, you’ll only need to deploy five of your most powerful heroes to face enemies of varying strength and on different difficulties one at a time. In between attack turns, there are rewards given when your offensive hero survives the clash and merchants also appear for you to purchase goodies.

Tower of Oblivion

Is another PvE Dungeon that challenges your teams strength and abilities. This dungeon is most often used to farm gold, upgrade materials and armors.


Forging weapons and armor are an important part of any game. In Idle Heroes, having 3x copies of the same item is used to create a much higher quality weapon or armor.

A disassembly feature is also available. This allows you to destroy equipment to obtain the Soul Resonance Crystal which is used to replace the Hero Resonance of an equipment. This allows any equipment to be somewhat customized for a specific hero.

Gate of the Void

Is the latest addition to the game. Transcendance Heroes are summoned in the void. The void also provides the Crystal of Transcendance and Stellar Shards. Both of which are used to inmprove Transcendant and Regular heroes stats and abilties.

The Galactic Tree is also found here. It is where Starspawns are awakened and housed for upgrades.


The Altar’s function is very simple. It is used to dispose off of any undesired heroes in your lineup. As a Sacrificial Altar, whenever you disassemble your heroes you are rewarded with Soul Stones. A type of currency that is used to purchase heroes or Prophets Blessings used in replacing Heroes.

Celestial Island

The Celestial Island is more like your own private island. Here you place your Watch Tower and a few other buildings that produce resources.

You’ll also find here the Adventure Port. Where you take a ship for a certain period, depending on how far your voyage is. During your voyage you encounter several challenges and winning this challenges rewards you with various items.

Prophet Tree

The Prophet Tree is where the Prophet Orb can be used. To summon heroes or replace them using the Prophets Blessing.

Achievements & Glory Challenge

As the name suggests, whenever you complete a task or fulfill a requirement you unlock an achievement and is rewarded handsomely. The same can be said with Glory Challenges. Once players fulfill the requirements, they will also be rewarded.

Cool Events

Here you’ll find Limited, Monthly, and Cool Events (most of them will require you to spend real money). This is also where you’ll find out about upcoming events that would require you to earn and spend items you can obtain in game without spending cash.

Comeback Radio

This is an option for the long lost players of Idle Heroes. Returning players are eligible for the Comeback Radio rewards and their ever active mentors so long as they meet the requirements.


Rewards here are given only to those that have reached a certain VIP level. In order to receive the rewards, players must spend some cash. Cool items and privileges are up in the store for those who are willing to spend cash. Some events may include rewards for VIPs as a way for the Game Developers to express gratitude to those that keep the game and make the game more available for everyone.

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know to get started, we would like to stress that this game is both free to play and pay to play. If you are someone who tries not to spend, then this game is for you. If you are thrift about how you spend gems then you can save up and spend them on much needed materials and upgrades. But if you are someone who spends money for the game, get ready to receive some surprises as you reach higher VIP levels.

Do you find this guide helpful? Or if you like something else covered then lets us know by leaving a comment below