How to solve the Serpent’s Head Door Puzzle in Genshin Impact

The Serpent’s Head is located at Yashiori Island. If you don’t see it on your map, that means that you have not yet unlocked the quest there or have not been able to visit the island.

After a laborious task, we ventured out towards the islands and discovered the Serpent’s Head door puzzle.

At the end of the gaping jaw of the serpent is a locked metal door on the ground. To open this:

  1. We need to guide two electro seelies into their courts. They will be positioned where the eye of the serpent will be.
  2. Jump down the open door and explore the room.
  3. To the right is another door, and to the left is the lever to open the door and a torn page over this stone.
  4. After opening the second door, we jump down again and arrive to this door puzzle. Follow the sequence of activating the levers to open the doors and jump down the last chamber.
  5. Defeat the lone samurai by the tomb.
  6. After defeating the samurai, get close to the sword and tombstone and leave a dendrobium on it.
  7. Facing the tombstone, turn to your right to find the exit. Swim towards the lever, open the door and exit the chamber.

Inazuma is a mountainous region, and most if not all of the puzzles lead you to caves, caverns, and chasms. In them are electroculus and other quest-related items that come in handy when needed.

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