Top Ideas for Grandmother Names

When Mother’s Day comes around, it’s easy to see that grandmothers are nearly as cherished as mothers are. A popular card caption is: “The only thing better than having you as a mother is my children having you as a Grandmother!”

In many families, grandmothers are the matriarchs who keep everything together. Spending time with them fulfills an extremely important role in a child’s life. For the parents, a grandmother can be a source of help and wisdom when things are spiraling out of control. Grandmothers almost never sigh when having to watch the kids, and that means we can rely on them even when every other plan falls through.

Grandmothers give us more than just treats and fun games during childhood. As we grow and mature, our grandmothers are a safe haven and they can be true confidantes.

It is no wonder that we may want a sweet and loving name to accompany that important role. Sometimes calling her Grandmother just won’t do since she is so much more than that to us.

So to celebrate how great they truly are, let’s look at some ideas for grandmother names and techniques you can use to choose the perfect name for your child’s grandmother.

Some Good Choices:

There are countless names to choose from, and it is absolutely impossible to list them all. Each culture, country, and language has its own set of names and nicknames used to describe grandmothers.

We have nonetheless made a list of a few different ideas for grandmother names. Some of our favorites are explained below:

1. Meemaw or Meema

This adorable name for a grandmother may sound familiar to the TV buffs out there. This name was popularized by Sheldon Cooper in the series The Big Bang Theory. It was a perfect name for Sheldon’s loving and protective grandmother, and it may just be the perfect name for you to use as well. This name is also extremely easy to pronounce from a very young age.

We’re not clear on the etymology of the word. However, you should know that it’s exceptionally popular in the Southern US.

2. Ouma or Oumie

Literally translated as “Old Mother”, this Afrikaans word is used in South Africa to refer to a grandmother. It resonates on the idea that your grandmother is essentially an older version of your mother or a second mother to you. This is also an extremely easy name to learn and pronounce as soon as children begin to speak.

3. Big Momma

Another name made popular through TV, this is the perfect choice for a grandmother who has a little more heft and a great sense of humor. It perfectly explains that she may be a little bigger than usual but also that she has a big heart.

4. Grams/Grammie/Gramma

This is also a very popular choice and it’s used all across the English-speaking world. This shortened version of ‘grandmother’ and ‘grandma’ is easy to pronounce and spell. That makes it an all-time favorite among the kids.

5. Nana / Nanna

Most probably originating from a mispronunciation of the word Grandma, this is also an extremely popular name to use.

6. Geema / G-Ma

This popular name is also derived from ’grandmother’ or ‘grandma’. Again, we especially recommend it for grandmothers who love to laugh.

7. Gan-Gan

Another cute name for any grandmother, this one was made popular by the British royal family. It is also extremely easy to pronounce as soon as your child learns to talk. If it’s good enough for Prince George to call the Queen, it may well be good enough for us to call our grandmothers.

And Here’s the Rest of Our Collection:

Abba Cookie Grandmomma Moomoo
Abuela Damma Granma Mummum
Amma Dodie Grannie Nan
Baba Gabby Honey Nana
Bamaw Gadgy Kitty Nanny
Bamba Gammy Mama Nano
Bama GiGi Mammy Nina
Bambi G-Ma Marmie Nonn
Bammie Grams MawMaw Pippy
BeBe Gramma MayMay Pippa
Bella Grammaw Meme Queen
Belle Grammie Mémère Queenie
Big Momma Grammy Mia Sassy
Birdy Gran Mimi Savta
Bunny Grancy Mommom Sugar
Busia Grandma Mom-mom Sweetie
CeeCee Grandmama Momo Toots
Coco Grandmom Momsy Tootsie

Techniques to Choose the Perfect Grandmother Nickname:

Children usually tend to create names for their grandparents as they learn to talk, and they may not need any help from you. On the other hand, it is often a good choice to decide on a nickname in advance and avoid possible embarrassing names created by a baby’s strange pronunciations. It would also be wise to get some input from Grandmother herself. There’s always a chance she has some pet peeves relating to nicknames.

Here are some tips to ensure you pick a good and suitable name:

1. Listen to What the Other Kids Are Saying

If your kids are not the first grandchildren in the family, listen to what the rest of the grandchildren are calling their grandmother, and consider that name. Uniformity is important, especially among children – plus, it can help your family avoid a lot of confusion during conversations.

You can also draw some inspiration from other families in your community and what they are calling their grandmothers.

2. Easy Names

Since your child will start calling their grandmother this name as soon as they are able to speak, it should be something that is not too hard to pronounce from an early age.

3. Family History

Take a look at what you and your siblings or cousins called your grandmother, or even what your mother called her grandmother. You can always use or adopt those names.

4. Does It Suit Her?

A nickname should most definitely suit the person in question, so do not choose something quirky or humorous when you know that the grandmother is rather quiet or traditional. Also, a plain traditional name may not suffice for the wild and outgoing grandmother.


It is important when choosing a name for a grandmother that she not only approves of the name but that the name is also easily pronounced by the kids. It is also a good idea to choose a name that describes and fits the personality of that grandmother. Remember that this is more than a passing nickname – your children will use the word for years and decades to come.