Master Armorers: Blacksmith Tools from Undvik in Witcher 3

After leaving the White Orchard, we proceed to Velen where we are introduced to the Baron. Within the Baron’s estate lives Fergus, a dwarf and is known to be a master armorer.

  1. Talk to Fergus and ask him about seeking a master armorer.
  2. He will tell you that the job requires proper tools to create the best armor possible.
  3. For this you’ll have to travel to Skellige. Check out the Destination: Skellige guide to find the boat willing to take you there.
  4. Assuming you are already in Skellige, get to the Marlin Coast using a boat then make your way to this spot where ships are being built.
  5. Eliminate the sirens and use your Witcher Sense to investigate the area and the ships hull.
  6. Inside the ships hull you will find Octo. Ask him what happened and look for Hjalmar an Craite.
  7. Locate Hjalmar’s camp. Use your Witcher Sense to locate those that fled the camp.
  8. Reach this site just outside the cave and investigate.
  9. Follow the trail of blood until you find three mountain trolls.
  10. Instead of fighting them, play with them in riddles.
  11. The answer to their riddle is A troll.
  12. Folan will be set free after beating the trolls at their own game. Now locate Hjalmar.
  13. Follow the boat trail that leads to Hjalmar’s possible location.
  14. Enter the cave then jump into the water.
  15. Investigate the cave using your Witcher Sense.
  16. Outside the cave, you will see a house. Search inside then proceed to follow the tracks.
  17. Help Hjalmar fight the sirens and find the giant’s lair.
  18. Inside the cave, you will find Vigi in a cage. To free him, navigate to the box and get the key. Avoid stepping on the snow and be careful not wake the giant.
  19. After Vigi is freed, kill the ice giant.
  20. Now that we’ve eliminated the ice giant, head back to the house just outside the cave we first came out of. To your right, is another cave get inside it and search for the blacksmiths tool.
  21. Get back to Fergus in Crows Perch and bring him the tools.
  22. To craft the armor, the acid gland of an Archgriffin is needed. Visit the board, and you’ll find the contract Griffin in the Highlands. Take that contract to “hit two birds with one stone”.
  23. Now proceed to this area in the map and use your Witcher Sense to find the Archgriffin’s nest.
  24. The Archgriffin’s nest is found on top of a hill. Get up there, kill it, then return to Fergus.
  25. Yoana is actually the master armorer. Return to her the next day to get your armor.
  26. In the meantime, get your reward from the quartermaster after eliminating the Archgriffin.
  27. Use meditation to quickly pass the time and claim your armor from Yoana. After receiving the armor the quest is then completed.

Quick Tip: Boards contain contracts that might be linked or may have the same goal as the main or secondary quests you are currently taking.

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