How Effective is Meloxicam for Fibromyalgia Relief?


Image: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most common drugs prescribed to treat fibromyalgia is meloxicam. It’s a drug that treats inflammation and pain. And while that might sound like an effective way to treat fibromyalgia, the truth is that there is little evidence that it and drugs like it are useful for treating fibromyalgia.

What Is Meloxicam?

It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that doctors prescribe for the treatment of chronic joint pain. It is usually taken for arthritis or other chronic, painful conditions. Its common brand names are modec and vivlodex.

How Does It Treat Fibromyalgia?

Like other NSAID’s, it works by blocking the chemicals in your body that are responsible for swelling in pain. With fibromyalgia, which produces swelling and pain in the muscles, NSAID’s treat those symptoms.

Meloxicam is a powerful form of a NSAID drug, which makes it suited for treating fibromyalgia in some patients. However, many people who suffer from fibromyalgia report that NSAID’s don’t really help their symptoms.

The kind of swelling and inflammation of joints associated with diseases like arthritis isn’t really the same as what fibromyalgia sufferers endure. And studies have shown that NSAID’s are generally not effective in managing fibromyalgia.

What Are The Risks?

Like any NSAID, it increases the risk of cardiovascular problems. People who are on it for a long period of time have a higher chance of serious heart attacks or strokes.

In addition, the drug can cause internal bleeding, particularly in the stomach.

When you are on it, it’s important to look out for side effects. Look out for vomiting blood or dark stools which are signs of stomach bleeding.

Also, watch out for dizziness or a feeling like your head is spinning. This is another potential side effect that could be a sign of an increase in blood pressure.

Should You Take it For Fibromyalgia?

The best reason to take meloxicam for fibromyalgia is if you have other problems at the same time, such as arthritis. But as far as a treatment for fibromyalgia itself goes, there is little evidence that it is really an effective treatment.

The majority of drugs used to treat fibromyalgia at the moment are things like Celebrex, which are generally prescribed for depression. These are more effective than NSAID’s for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, but it probably has to do with the fact that fibromyalgia is not a physical disease, but one that originates in the brain.

Only you can know if meloxicam is an effective remedy for you. But if you are prescribed it and feel that it is not effective, talk to your doctor and let them know that the treatment they prescribe is not effective for you.