Glogster Launches Education Development Program

Glogster, the new Web 2.0 platform that provides consumers with a revolutionary way of expressing their mood, feelings and ideas, today announced the launch of its education program, which aims to provide educators across the globe with access to digital learning tools for the classroom. The multi-phased program launches today with a partnership with teachers where Glogster will provide support for educators to begin integrating into the classroom and teachers will provide valuable feedback on what additional tools are needed to fully optimize the power of Web 2.0 in the classroom.

The education program has been created in response to Glogster’s growing popularity amongst both educators and teens around the world. To date, the site’s growing mass appeal, coupled with its free, user-friendly web building tools have made a helpful tool for teachers working to create a dynamic, interactive classroom experience. However, educators are clamoring for more education specific capabilities on the site. The program will address these needs through a collaboration between worldwide educators and Glogster to develop a ideal platform for the classroom setting.

In phase one of the program, Glogster will work with educators to build accounts for students that have permanent privacy settings so that all Glogs created in the classroom will remain private. Glogster will also help teachers with instructing students to import completed Glogs into classroom wikis so that the Glogs can be viewed and shared with classmates without providing access to outside web content. Additionally, Glogster will provide technical support as well as ideas and success stories on different ways teachers can best leverage the technology in the classroom.

“The variety and accessibility of web tools is both exciting and scary to today’s teachers, said Mary Rizzo, Technology Facilitator and Webmaster at Parsley Elementary School. “As educators, we want to expose our students to and integrate the use of the tools of today and of the future, all the while maintaining a safe learning environment.”

Rizzo goes on to say, “ has created a unique web tool that would allow students the ability to easily create a webpage-like ‘poster’ that can integrate the arts with core curriculum content. Glogster understands my concerns about students only having access to a safe web environment and being able to only view other projects created by students in my school. I applaud them for taking the suggestions of educators and pursuing options that will make this wonderful tool a valuable part of the 21st Century classroom.”

Phase 2 of this program will roll-out in the upcoming months and will leverage the key data gathered in the first phase. The second phase will consist of a separate education platform that will provide educators with additional controls and privacy settings. The entire education program will continue to be an evolving, dynamic partnership between and educators to provide enhanced opportunities for today’s classrooms.

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