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SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Healthy snacks and beverages now have a surprising new place to call home — the vending machine. YoNaturals Inc., with national headquarters in Solana Beach, California, is pleased to announce the arrival of its “YoZone” healthy vending machine which offers only all-natural and organic snacks and beverages. The innovative YoZone vending machines offer a healthier alternative to the junk food vending machines.

YoNaturals is rapidly expanding their nationwide network of healthy vending machines and it has now arrived in the San Jose/East Bay area. YoNaturals is actively seeking area locations such as schools, shopping centers, corporate offices, hospitals, and fitness centers that are interested in offering healthier options in their vending machines. Each YoZone vending machine is set-up and monitored by a local area distributor at no expense to the location.

“With our success in other markets across the country, the timing couldn’t be better for San Jose/East Bay area,” says Mark Trotter, CEO of YoNaturals. “These machines create and encourage a healthy environment that everyone can thrive on.”

The YoZone vending machines feature custom-design food menus that will cater to the specific needs of a location. Students will be able to have items such as organic milk and granola bars readily available in schools, whereas health clubs can be stocked with protein bars and organic energy drinks. In fact, YoNaturals offers over 150 healthy products such as Vitamin Water, Clif Bars, Function Drinks, Fiji Water, Pirates Booty, Stacy’s Pita Chips, Tazo Iced Tea and much more. Each YoZone machine displays customized graphics to match various location types, giving them a colorful and fresh feeling, much different from the dark and bleak look of traditional vending machines.

YoNaturals high-tech and innovative machines have made vending your favorite healthy snack a breeze with its unique credit and debit card payment option. State-of-the-art remote monitoring technology (wireless) ensures that YoZone machines are always stocked with an array of tasty and nutritious items. YoNaturals operators can oversee machine activity through a 24/7 on-line reporting system that notifies if a YoZone needs to be refilled or requires maintenance.

“People need a healthy alternative because they are too susceptible to the allure of fast food and junk food marketing. Too many calories and too much of the ‘wrong foods’ are the cause of many obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease,” says Trotter.

According to a 2006 report by the California Department of Health Sciences (CDHS), California residents have gained 360 million pounds in excess weight in the past ten years, a rate that is among the fastest in the country. The study also reports that a third of children, one in four teens, and over half of all adults in California are already overweight or obese. The California Obesity Prevention Plan produced by CDHS and backed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, states that a principal factor in the obesity epidemic is that many individuals make food choices based on convenience and price. Unfortunately, Californians are exposed to an overabundance of cheap, low-nutrient, high calorie food, and have limited access to affordable, healthy foods.

YoNaturals believes the vending machine industry, which is not regulated by the USDA, is partially to blame for the rising obesity rates. YoNaturals healthy vending machines ensure that healthy snacks and beverages are always an arms length away. YoNaturals is a pioneer in the national effort to clean up vending machines and wants other to join them on their crusade to be at the forefront of the health revolution.

“There is no cost for a location to have a healthy vending machine installed. All one has to do to sign up to receive a machine is to visit http://www.yonaturals.com/, fill out our ‘Become a Location’ form, and they will be contacted immediately by YoNaturals,” says Trotter.

YoNaturals adds a healthy element to the popularity and convenience of vending machines with its nutritious snacks and beverages. The arrival of the YoZone vending machines promotes the message that healthy lifestyles are more achievable than ever. YoNaturals is convinced that finally vending machines can be associated with a leading movement in consumer health and wellness.


YoNaturals offers a “one stop” solution to healthier vending including machine distribution, installation, training and complete food distribution of leading natural and organic brands. YoNaturals is also actively seeking San Jose/East Bay area locations for their healthy vending machines in schools, colleges, universities, corporate offices, health clubs, hospitals, malls and large retailers.

To have a healthy vending machine in your location call YoNaturals (http://www.yonaturals.com/) at (858) 794-9955 or email [email protected]

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