DIET & SLIMMING: Face Facts.. How Kate Looks Great ; BODYWORKS

GLOWING with health and slimmer than ever, Kate Winslet has mastered a healthy approach to the post-pregnancy shape-up.

The actress once famed for her curvy size 16 figure dropped four stone after first child Mia’s arrival, and just 10 months after giving birth to son Joe, she’s a svelte size 10.

Her trim figure is down to a special Facial Analysis detox diet created by nutritionist Elizabeth Gibaud. The diet is based on eating the right food types for the shape of your face.

Here Elizabeth – who has also treated Cherie Blair, former Spice Girl Mel C and TV presenter Emma Forbes – shows how to follow the eating plan.

“I look for colours, lines and textures in the face that indicate what foods might be causing problems and which vitamins and minerals are lacking in the diet,” says Elizabeth. “Paleness, puffiness or markings on the face can reveal the state of your internal organs. But I can’t do anything with a person who’s had botox – a lot of information comes from expressions and lines in the face.”

A trained naturopath, Elizabeth’s method is based on ancient Oriental traditions as well as her own experience over 30 years. She says: “If you don’t water a plant it goes very many colours before it dies – yellow, brown and then black. And it’s the same with our bodies when they lack the fluid and minerals they need to be healthy.

“I recommend people try to get all their nutrients through a diet of fresh organic food, but if you live in a city you should take supplements because a lot of the goodness in food is destroyed by pollution.”


ELIZABETH’S diet plans are individually tailored to her patients’ needs and face types, but all start with a strict two-day detox plan where all alcohol and processed foods are avoided. This is followed by the two-week core diet to cleanse the body. Based on the slimmer’s face type, the plan eliminates “irritating” foods and replaces them with “soothing” alternatives. Elizabeth then prescribes daily supplements. Here is a brief description of the six face types and sample foods to cut out:

TYPE A: Ruled by the thyroid gland. Dry skin, shiny nose, dull, fluffy hair, bulging eyes, cold hands and feet.

Foods to avoid: Yeast products, chocolate, red wine, white flour, mango.

Foods to eat: Apples, aspar-agus, oats, potatoes, cucumber.

TYPE B: Ruled by the liver. Yellow hue to skin, especially around the mouth, blue-ish or reddish nose, thick, furry tongue, red ears. Sufferers experience lack of motivation and concentration, and nausea.

Avoid: Alcohol, coffee, bananas, curry, oranges.

Eat: Apricots, garlic, potatoes, limes, cherries.

TYPE C: Suffers water retention. Bloated face, puffiness beneath the eyes, vertical line or groove under tip of nose, swollen ankles or fingers, lack of concentration.

Avoid: Canned fruit, cheese, peanuts, red meat, soy sauce.

Eat: Broccoli, fresh fish, onions, pineapples, spinach.

TYPE D: Prone to inflammation. Greasy forehead, nose and chin, large, open pores or very tight pores, sagging cheeks, horizontal lines across the forehead, smelly feet.

Avoid: Alcohol, mayonnaise, pastry, shellfish, rice.

Eat: Asparagus, turnips, berries, carrots, millet.

TYPE E: Prone to skin complaints.

Avoid: Beer, eggs, raisins, strawberries, watermelon.

Eat: Butter, cabbage, parsley, apples, oats.

TYPE F: This type only applies to men and is ruled by the prostate. Red forehead and top of ear, dark rings under the eyes, horizontal crease above the top lip, furred tongue.

Avoid: Aubergine, blue cheese, red wine, vinegar, sweet potato.

Eat: Courgette, lentils, peach, watercress, grapefruit.


-ALWAYS choose brown over white when it comes to pasta, rice or bread. Elizabeth says: “Pasta is just white flour and water – the stuff we used to make glue in school. Brown or buckwheat versions are always more nutritious.”

-TRY to stick to traditional British staples like oats and potatoes if you are prone to bloating. “Rice and pasta are recent additions to our diet and some people have trouble digesting them.”

-CHOOSE unsalted butter over margarine or other low-fat spreads and opt for jam sweetened in its own juice. “Butter is a fresh and natural product while other spreads contain all sorts of dyes and additives. Many sugar-free jams also contain artificial sweeteners which pollute the body.”

-DRINK plenty of water throughout the day. “If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated and your body can’t function properly.”

-TAKE a break. Get plenty of fresh air by getting out into the parks or countryside and don’t take on more than you can handle. “Health is the most important thing we have and it has to be our priority.”

-DON’T drink any alcohol and stay off caffeine during the plan – both tea and coffee can cause headaches, water retention, anxiety and insomnia while alcohol contributes to dehydration.

For more information on Facial Analysis and your face type, see The Facial Analysis Diet by Elizabeth Gibaud, pounds 6.99 (Random House). Or contact her clinic on 020 7486 3486. Mineral salt supplements available from