Six gross things you might find in perfume

Buying perfume can be an ordeal, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect scent. You try tons of samples and walk around with 10 different scents on you until you finally find the perfect one. But how perfect is it really? Take a second look at the ingredients in your new favorite spray, because these ingredients may not be worth the scent—you don’t want sperm whale vomit on your body. (Or do you?)

1. Civet
Allegedly found in products from Chanel, Cartier, and Lancome, this ingredient comes from the anal glands of civet cats. This fecal ingredient comes from scraping the anal sacs of these animals and is placed into your sweet-smelling perfumes. We don’t see anything wrong with this, though. Who doesn’t want to smell like civet feces?
2. Castoreum
Castoreum, known for its strong leathery scent, comes from the yellowish oily secretions of male beavers. Its used in many perfumes for its lustful and wildly scent. Who knew beaver secretions could do that job?
3. Musk
We’re not finished with animals just yet—yet another sexual gland secretion, musk comes from the male musk deer, now an endangered animal close to extinction. While perfumers are working to create synthetic alternatives of musk (thank goodness), the original musk is still a valuable product.
4. Hyraceum
Known as Hyraceum or Hyrax, this ingredient comes from the crystalized fecal matter of the hyrax, a tiny animal found in Africa and the Middle East. Not always used for perfume, it was also once used as remedies for epilepsy, kidney problems, and female hormone disorders.
5. Hay
Yes, you heard right— this dried cut grass is found as an ingredient in some perfumes. The hay you find as animal food is also part of the earthy and sweetish smell you find in your colognes and perfumes. Hopefully it also doesn’t cause hay allergies…
6. Ambergris
Ambergris comes from the digestive byproducts of endangered sperm whales, hence why it’s such a rare and valuable perfume ingredient. Typically it is either vomited up or pooped out of these whales…just what every girl wants to smell like—whale poop.
The better question to ask after all these ingredients remains, how did someone come up with using these ingredients to make them smell…good? It almost taints that floral smell you might currently be wearing…au naturel, anyone?
Feature Image: Thinkstock