Block Island Organics Debunks Skin Care Myths with New Products

Block Island Organics™ is sharing a secret – skin care is actually very simple. It’s about suncare both day and night, as the sun is the leading cause of skin damage and premature aging. Combined with their non-toxic mineral sunscreens, Block Island Organics’ ( new Purifying Facial Cleanser and Revitalizing Night Cream complete an affordable, organic and natural skin care regimen for healthy skin 24/7.

Block Island, RI (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Let's face it; a lot of skin care marketing touts the fountain of youth through fancy products and complex routines for hundreds of dollars. Block Island Organics believes in skin care through suncare, not gimmicks, as the sun is the leading cause of skin damage and premature aging. Simply put, good suncare is more than just daily sun protection; it is also about cleansing and revitalizing skin at all hours. Block Island Organics’ new Purifying Facial Cleanser and Revitalizing Night Cream coupled with their non-toxic mineral sunscreens provide the affordable, high quality organic solution to keep skin healthy from day to night.

In addition to daily sunscreen use, it is best to cleanse the skin daily to remove build up. Block Island Organics’ new Purifying Facial Cleanser does just that. It is an antioxidant and vitamin rich (such as vitamins A, B, C and E), organic and natural formula that cleans and freshens your skin while maintaining its moisture balance with gentle botanical ingredients. Its suggested retail price is $21.99.

After the face is washed, a moisturizer is needed to nourish and replenish the skin. To address this, Block Island Organics developed a new Revitalizing Night Cream packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and E. Vitamin C is well known for its anti-aging properties, and a recent study by Yale University dermatologists suggests vitamin E protects against the after-effects of sun exposure long after sundown.* An organic and natural formula with gentle botanical ingredients, the Revitalizing Night Cream can also be used during the day for added moisture. It has a suggested retail price of $34.99.

“Good skin care doesn’t need to be complicated, overly expensive or chemically manufactured,” says co-founder Kelly Hsiao. “It’s our responsibility to educate consumers, provide quality products and simplify the skin care process.”

All Block Island Organics products do not contain parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes or artificial fragrances. Block Island Organics products are vegan-based formulas. None are tested on animals.

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About Block Island Organics

Our mission is to give everyone access to safe, effective and lovable non-toxic suncare and skin care products. We believe in living outside and enjoying the sun, not hiding from it. With a little sun knowledge, the right sunscreen and healthy skin care from day to night everyone can live our mantra: “Play Smart, Play Safe.” At Block Island Organics we pledge to be consistent, honest and transparent in our marketing as we pursue our goals: educate consumers, optimize product safety and quality at an affordable price and earn your trust.

*Hannah Devlin, “Exposure to sun poses risk of skin cancer even in the dark, study finds,” The Guardian, February 19, 2015.

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