Royal Flush Havanese Shares Tips on How to Find a Reputable Dog Breeder

Royal Flush Havanese shares tips with readers on what to look for in order to find a reputable dog breeder.

Charlestown, Rhode Island (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

When searching for a purebred Havanese, it can be tempting to choose the puppy with the smallest fee. Royal Flush Havanese shares tips with readers on what to look for when trying to find a reputable Havanese breeder and, consequently, the perfect dog.

1. Do Your Research

Upon deciding to purchase a new dog, many people are desirous to find one immediately. In doing so, people usually end up purchasing dogs from what are known as “backyard breeders"– unregistered and unlicensed individuals who breed their dogs solely for profit, without giving them proper medical care or socialization. A reputable Havanese breeder, on the other hand, will make sure all of their breeding dogs have the proper genetics to as to ensure no inbreeding occurs. Reputable breeders take into account dog health, and will feed their animals the best diet possible and give them paramount medical care. Because their animals are so well cared for, these breeders will have many happy clients and a long list of positive reviews that they are proud to show off.

2. Check for an Application Process

All good breeders know that not everyone who wants to purchase a puppy is the ideal candidate to own one. Because of this, reputable breeders require potential owners to go through an application process. Look for questions regarding living situation (owning or renting a home), a veterinary reference, and a spay or neuter contract. Each puppy should come with a health guarantee for a certain number of years. Additionally, if purchasing a puppy, a peculiarly small price for a dog should be a warning sign. Reputable Havanese breeders put a lot of time into caring for their litters, and medical care for puppies can be expensive. If searching for a puppy with good genetics that was raised in the proper environment, fed the best possible diet, given the best medical care, and provided with proper socialization from a young age, their price will reflect that.

3. Find a Helpful Breeder

Any reputable breeder has extensive knowledge of the breed they work with, and will be anxious to share that knowledge with the client. They will be able to help new owners through almost any issue that arises, whether it be house-training or behavioral difficulties, and are informed of all of the eccentricities their breed may have, as well as any common health issues. However, not only will a reputable breeder possess this knowledge, but they will continually make themselves available to clients by phone or email to help whenever the need arises. Additionally, each puppy will be sent home with detailed care instructions, a health and veterinary care record, and directions as to exactly what type of feed and supplements the dog should be given.

Royal Flush Havanese shares these tips with the hope that they will encourage potential clients to purchase from only the most reputable breeders. When purchasing a dog from Royal Flush Havanese, clients can receive $100 of their purchase price by donating just $25 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Go to the Royal Flush Havanese website to read more useful tips for the health and well being of dogs. Awarded a Certificate of No Complaints and rated A+ for their outstanding dedication to honesty in the business place, customer satisfaction, and ethical policies and procedures by the Better Business Bureau, Royal Flush Havanese is dedicated to producing the finest Havanese puppies for sale and providing outstanding service in their care. "Like" the Royal Flush Havanese Facebook page today to show your support.

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