Oil & alcohol injections almost cost bodybuilder his arms

Chuck Bednar for redOrbit.com – @BednarChuck

A 25-year-old Brazilian bodybuilder’s efforts to grow a massive physique nearly cost him both of his arms after injecting his muscles with synthol, a combination of oil and alcohol that caused his biceps to balloon to 25 inches and become as hard as a rock.

According to Tribune Media Wire services, Romario Dos Santos Alves said that he first injected the substance into his arm three years ago, and that his synthol use led to various health problems due to the toxins in the oil. At one point, doctors told him that they would have to amputate both of his arms, but ultimately they were able to remove some of the “rocks” instead.

Furthermore, Alves said that his synthol use caused severe mental health issues, leading him to attempt suicide at one point, as well as relationship issues with his wife. He added that others call him a “monster” and a “beast,” and that youngsters are terrified by his appearance.

“It’s just not worth it.”

Alves, a former bodyguard and father of one, told The Daily Mail that he modeled himself after the popular comic book character The Incredible Hulk. He noted that he no longer uses synthol, and has not for nearly two years, but still has cravings – despite the many health issues he finds himself dealing with as a result of injecting the substance into his muscles.

He explained that he first started using the substance after moving from his hometown of Caldas Novas to Goiania three years ago, when he “saw some really big guys in the gym with huge arms and I started to make friends with them. They introduced me to synthol,” he added. “I got excited about the results – I lost control.”

“If you take it once there will definitely be a second time – it’s addictive,” Alves added, telling the UK newspaper that he even tricked his wife, 22-year-old Marisangela Marinho, into injecting him with the oil in places that he could not reach. He told her that there was “no problem with it” and that the substance “left the body after a short time.”

As his muscles started to solidify, he said that he couldn’t even inject synthol into his arms, so he purchased special needles typically used on bulls because he said he had to get his “synthol fix.” Alves explained that he is coming forward with his story now because he wanted other people “to see the dangers” of using he substance.

“I could have died all because I wanted bigger muscles,” he said. “It’s just not worth it.”


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