Supplement Brand Difass USA Launches in the U.S. with Three Flagship Products Designed to Bring Balance Back to Your Life

Dormiva™, Relaxiva™ and Reminiva™ are now available online nationwide

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 27, 2015

Difass USA, a modern supplement brand committed to excellence, has launched in the U.S. with its first three flagship products, Dormiva™, Relaxiva™ and Reminiva™. All three products are available for purchase nationwide through

A restful night’s sleep is important to a person’s health and productivity, but some people struggle with getting the full amount of sleep they need each night. Dormiva™ is a sleep aid designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and energized. It has been formulated with clinically proven ingredients like Melatonin and L-tryptophan, and includes a propriety herbal blend of Sensoril® (Ashwaganda root and leaf extract) that helps to calm the mind while bringing the body back into balance. *

Managing stress is imperative to maintaining good health, but some people are more prone to stress than others. Relaxiva™ is a stress aid that naturally promotes a state of relaxation, while calming feelings of anxiety. Relaxiva™ is formulated with Sensoril®, Golden Root Extract, as well as magnesium and zinc to help maintain a healthy balance of essential minerals. *

In today’s fast paced, high stressed world, our brains are often on overload, so it’s no surprise we are forgetful or find it difficult to focus at times. Reminiva™ is a memory aid that’s been formulated with Gingko, Green Tea and Folic Acid, to support intellectual processing. *

“We’re constantly being pulled in different directions and juggling so many tasks, that sometimes our health and well being suffers as a result,” said Lucien Hernandez, President, Difass USA. “Our supplements – Dormiva™, Relaxiva™ and Reminiva™ – are designed to help bring the balance back to your life.”

More information about Difass USA and Dormiva™, Relaxiva™ and Reminiva™ can be found online at

About Difass USA

Difass USA, a modern supplement brand committed to excellence, is the US arm of Difass International, a respected European nutraceutical company dedicated to the research and manufacture of health and wellness products.

At Difass USA we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards possible. Dormiva™, Relaxiva™ and Reminiva™ all include the finest grade ingredients researched for efficacy and effectiveness. Manufactured in the US at top regulated facilities, our products have been specially formulated to aid you with sleep, stress and memory. Here at Difass USA we incorporate our core values into every aspect of what we do. We believe in efficiently providing our customers with products that are in tune with the lifestyle of today's health conscious consumer. Our mission is simple: to create safe and effective supplements to improve your quality of life.

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