Evidence Based Nutrition, Inc., First to Offer Sciona MyCellf(TM) DNA Personalized Genetics Analysis Kit to Chiropractors

Evidence Based Nutrition, Inc. (EBN, www.ebnsupplements.com) announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Sciona, Inc. (www.MyCellf.com) to distribute MyCellf™ personalized genetics test kits to chiropractors.

The EBN MyCellf™ Test

This advanced test is performed in the comfort of the individual’s home. A cotton swab is used to collect cheek cells from the individual’s cheek; much like as seen on television.

After swabbing, the individual answers the lifestyle and health questionnaire about diet and exercise. The swab and completed questionnaire are sent to Sciona for laboratory analysis, where the individual’s DNA is analyzed from 27 specific genes. The genetic findings reflect how the individual’s genetic makeup metabolizes and utilizes foods and beverages. Combined with the lifestyle answers, the result is valuable insight into the individual’s unique nutritional and supplement needs.

A sophisticated, confidential analysis of an individual’s DNA profile and Lifestyle Questionnaire is conducted with the proprietary Sciona Genostic Rules Engine™ software. The DNA Nutrition Action Plan makes nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on an understanding of the individual’s unique genetic profile. The Action Plan is a highly accurate assessment based on genetic screening for variations in a specific set of genes that have been proven in numerous studies to respond to nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Chiropractors Provide Individuals with Laboratory Analysis

Approximately two weeks after the analysis, the chiropractor receives a comprehensive report and then meets with the individual to discuss the analysis. The individual learns what, if any, modifications are recommended to his/her lifestyle, nutritional and supplemental regime.

Founder and President of the World Chiropractic Alliance Weighs In

“People are taking all sorts of nutritional supplements. They’re also eating fortified-nutrient rich foods — the result is that many people are now ending up on the side of vitamin stacking. Both vitamin deficiency and vitamin overdose are harmful to the body. The EBN MyCellf testing kit eliminates the guess work. Everyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a health fanatic — so I’ve decided to have the EBN MyCellf test performed to find out what my DNA discloses,” said Terry Rondberg, founder and president of the World Chiropractic Alliance.

Dr. Kurt Donsbach, D.C., N.D., PhD., founder of Evidence Based Nutrition stated, “Proper nutritional balance with chiropractic care enhances the benefits of chiropractic adjustments.”

President and CEO of Sciona, Peter Vitulli commented, “The strategic relationship between Sciona and EBN provides entrance into a new and growing market of 60,000-plus chiropractors who perform services on behalf of millions of consumers each year. The use of our Mycellf DNA Kits will assist chiropractors in attracting new business and bringing clients back for continued care and purchase of nutritional supplements — as most of these individuals are seeking optimal health.”

The EBN Mycellf Kit is sold directly to licensed chiropractors, nutritionists and healthcare practitioners through the EBN supplement website at www.ebn.supplements.com for resale to their clientele.

Terry Rondberg continued, “It’s not CSI, but it’s very close. By utilizing advanced technology, it is going to give patients knowledge they can’t get anywhere else in the industry.”

About Evidence Based Nutrition

Evidence Based Nutrition, Inc., (EBN), provides nutritional supplements to health practitioners involved in the science of natural healing and overall wellness. EBN sells all-natural, evidence-based supplements and nutritional products and hosts educational seminars about nutrition to support patient acquisition and retention efforts. For more information, visit www.ebnsupplements.com. Media contact Diana Spicer 949-281-6262 or [email protected]

About Sciona, Inc.

Sciona is an international company founded in 2000 to provide personalized health and nutrition recommendations based on an individual’s diet, lifestyle and unique genetic profile. Sciona has created a powerful set of tools utilizing their proprietary Genostic Rules Engine™ which allows consumers to harness the scientific information uncovered in the landmark Human Genome Project. For more information, visit www.Mycellf.com. Media contact Jan Strode 619-890-4040 or [email protected]

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