Should You Take a Powder and Put It on Your Eyelids?

Mineral makeup is all the rage _ beauty products said to be better for your skin because they’re made from natural minerals derived from the earth instead of chemicals and preservatives. Loose mineral powder foundation is one thing _ you apply it with a fat brush on a wide expanse known as your face. But loose powder eye shadow seems trickier. How can you control the amount of pigment that’s being deposited on your eyelids or keep the flecks from flying all over your face? We had one tester try two loose mineral shadows and one pot of non-mineral glittery loose powder eye shadow. What was her eye-opening experience?


Sexpot Series mineral shadow, in If you’re rich, I’m single (pewter), $14,

POWDER POT: “I’m a fan of loose mineral powder foundation. Like the mineral foundation, this shadow came with a perforated lid to shake just a tad out at at time. Or, so I hoped.”

SHAKE IT OUT: “I used a brush to apply it on my lid. The earthy, coppery hue blended very easily and complimented my Asian skin tone.”

GLAM-EYE-ZON? “Because the container is a tad wider and squattier than the others, it feels more secure in my grip. It washed off easily with my usual makeup remover.”



MAC Glitter in Reflects Gold, $16.50, MAC stores and Nordstrom.

POWDER POT: “Once you unscrew the cap on this good-size container and remove the inner lid, you better not have nervous-Nellie fingers or this powder is going to go flying all over the place.”

SHAKE IT OUT: “This stuff is so glittery gold that it truly reminds me of the stuff I used to stick onto construction paper with Elmer’s glue in first-grade arts and crafts. It was a little daunting to think about putting it on my eyelids.”

GLAM-EYE-ZON? “Of the three shadows, it had the sheerest, subtlest color and the most sparkle. It was like stardust, perfect for a special evening, but not so over-the-top that you couldn’t wear it on a summer afternoon with a nice tan.”



Crushed mineral eye shadow in Sedona, $16.95,

POWDER POT: “I’m a pressed powder shadow kind of gal. It’s easy to carry, easy to apply, but frankly loose powder scared me to death at first glance.”

SHAKE IT OUT: “This tiny pot comes with a salt-shaker-like top. So I shook some into the cap ever so carefully, hoping to get just the right amount. I used a shadow brush to sweep some over my eyelids.”

GLAM-EYE-ZON? “Of the three loose shadows, this one was definitely the boldest. It has a deep, dramatic coppery-coffee hue with a touch of sparkle. Because I’m a more subtle kind of woman, I swiped a lighter taupe shade over it to tone it down.”

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