BridgePoint Medical Acquires Asheville Orthotic Prosthetic Center

BridgePoint Medical has acquired Asheville Orthotic Prosthetic Center and retained Greg Straub and Steve Hagler as owner-operators.

Other owners, Andrew Adkisson and Emily Wilder, will also remain with the company. Mr Adkisson will be responsible for the company’s central fabrication operations and Ms Wilder assumes management responsibilities of Asheville Orthotic Prosthetic Center’s (AOPC’s) North Carolina facilities.

The acquired entity will retain its name and locations in Asheville, Hendersonville and Charlotte, North Carolina and will continue to offer patient care without interruption, said BridgePoint Medical. The company’s Charlotte facility operates under the name of Charlotte Orthotic Prosthetic Center.

Clint McKinley, president of BridgePoint Medical, said: “BridgePoint Medical is developing a broadening network of companies and relationships in the North Carolina market and we see a great opportunity to leverage the company’s market presence with our relationships and contacts.”

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