AIM Pharmakon to Introduce Next Generation of Cardiovascular Health and Longevity Products With New Premium Quality Natural Liquid Concentrates

NEW YORK, July 28 /PRNewswire/ — AIM Pharmakon, Inc. (API), a New York-based company, announced today the introduction of the next generation of high-level cardiovascular health and longevity products starting with Aim Endurance(TM), a new premium quality liquid concentrate. The product will be available the first week of August 2008.

“Unhealthy diet, lifestyle-related stress, stage of life, and genetic predispositions are among the contributing factors of cardiovascular diseases. These risk factors are escalating the related incidences at an alarming pace. There is a distinct need for integrative and holistic approaches to address the effects of these triggers. Cardiovascular disease develops either with stealth or sudden onset and is often debilitating, affecting the quality of life or fatal. Aim Endurance(TM) in a liquid concentrate matrix is a product of choice for cardiovascular health and longevity due to its efficacy, ease of intake, high bioavailability, and palatability,” commented Vijay Puntambekar, President of AIM Pharmakon.

Aim Endurance(TM) contains Toyo-FVG(TM) (from Toyo Bio-Pharma), which has exceptionally high OPC content contributing to elevated ORAC H Rate: 12,784 (micromoleTE/g). Toyo-FVG(TM) has high Superoxide Elimination Activity (Units/gram): 2.6×105 (Japan Food Research Laboratory). Additionally, human clinical studies demonstrate that Toyo-FVG(TM) prevents oxidative stress of DNA. The biomarker 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) is an oxidized metabolite of deoxyguanosine excreted after digestion of DNA repairing enzyme. Measurement of 8-OhdG is an effective method in determining the oxidative stress at DNA level. Decrease in 8-OHdG concentration by Toyo-FVG(TM) indicated that it possessed inhibitory effect on the oxidative damage of DNA. It helps to reduce serum lipid level and lower bad cholesterol. There is a supporting evidence of impact on reduction on idiopathic swelling, improved peripheral microcirculation, rapid athletic recovery and decreased hypertension. It may also help in myocardial microcirculation. Decrease in lactic acid values, suppression of muscle damage and an increase in blood mobility all indicate that the product possesses great capability for athletic recovery after extended exertion. The product has a low glycemic value and is suitable for diabetic people. By neutralizing free radicals — the by-product of cell metabolism, stress, busy lifestyle choices — it can support the entire circulatory system and rejuvenate overall health. The product contains exclusive high-end, premium quality ionized mineral complexes from Japan in the form of a proprietary bioenhancing mix. The synergistic balance of mineral and soluble fiber helps achieve the optimum cardiovascular health advantages of Aim Endurance(TM) with regular diet and exercise.

“The development of the innovative products for the baby-boomer generation and seniors was strategically planned,” added Vijay. “While developing the products for seniors, our scientists formulated the concentrate matrix that is convenient for ingestion, resulting in better product compliance. Our core competence and aim is: Formulating Innovation,” he continued. The product line will be available through the physician care market and also available through select quality health stores.

AIM Pharmakon develops and markets preservative-free, natural products. The company was incorporated in 2005 and has in-house R&D and manufacturing capability. The company is also launching an ultra-premium, completely natural and preservative-free cosmetic product line in the Japanese market in the fourth quarter of 2008. It will include specialty hair care and facial skin care products. AIM Pharmakon ( offers diversified services in product development, marketing, and project management in the areas of pharmaceuticals, natural products, consulting, and has offices in Long Island, New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. Recently, API and Global Life Science, LLC USA ( agreed to have a strategic partnership in marketing and project development and management.

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