Prominent Urologist, Peter J. Muench, M.D., Recommends Penile Implant Surgery Over Viagra(R) for More Extreme Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Cases

There’s no question that Viagra(R) and drugs like it provide the best option for men with mild to moderate cases of erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s been around for 10 years now and oral medications work well for the not-so-impaired. Peter J. Muench M.D., a urologist with Delaware Urologic Associates (DUA) in Newark, Delaware says improvements in penile implants make them the way to go for anyone with serious dysfunction.

Tough cases of ED are widespread among prostate cancer patients. Studies show that patients recovering from prostate surgery who get immediate post-operative treatment of either nightly Viagra(R) or thrice-weekly Caverjet(R) (PGE injection) have a much greater return of spontaneous erections at 3 months compared to those who receive no post-operative treatment. However, some people don’t respond to oral erectile dysfunction medications and the FDA has required Upjohn to pull Caverjet Impulse(R) from the market while its packaging is being updated.

For patients with serious ED, Dr. Muench believes penile implants are the best solution. According to Muench, “Implants have higher patient and partner satisfaction rates than any other therapy.” Penile implants provide maximum rigidity, durability and concealability, and with new improvements, the risk of infection is quite low. Implant makers Coloplast and AMS both now make models that are coated with antibiotics, similar to newly improved cardiac stents. This new technology has greatly reduced the risk of infection.

Dr. Muench can’t overstate the benefits of penile implants for the patients with severe ED: “For a patient with severe erectile dysfunction, who’s bottomed-out in terms of erectile function, helping him by implanting a penile prosthesis allows him to immediately perform not only better than his peers, but, in many respects, also even better than he himself ever had in his prime. Because his implant stays erect until he deflates it, he needn’t ever worry about not lasting until his partner is satisfied or climaxing too soon.”

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Peter J. Muench, M.D. is medical Director of Delaware Urologic Associates (DUA) in Newark, Delaware. DUA specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of male and female urologic disorders, using minimally invasive procedures. For more information about Dr. Muench’s state-of-the-art urology treatment options, including penile implants and medications for erectile dysfunction, please don’t hesitate to call his office at 302-266-7577.

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SOURCE: Delaware Urologic Associates

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