There is An Alternative to Going to the Doctor — Doctors Are Dangerous; a Bold New Book About How to Become Truly Healthy

PAIA, Hawaii, Sept. 5, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a provocative and controversial new book that is sure to cause a stir in the medical and global community, Dr. D reveals the dangers of modern medicine. Doctors Are Dangerous reinstates, in a frighteningly enlightening narrative, that prevention is still the best medicine one can ever have.

Going to the doctor can be first step in his or her killing you. Medications, therapies, surgical procedures are generally dangerous, destructive and unnecessary. What’s more, an alarmingly large percentage of alcoholism, drug abuse, and psychological instability among medical practitioners makes it harder for a patient to sit still in the clinic’s waiting room. But with today’s decadent lifestyle and inevitable exposure to harmful elements, one can’t help but schedule an appointment with the dreaded doctor.

There is another way. Doctors Are Dangerous reveals simple and inexpensive ways to become truly healthy, ensuring a sound mind and strong body. For more information, log on to

About the Author

Dr D. is the pseudonym for a well-trained physician and psychiatrist who has practiced medicine for more than thirty years in multiple metropolitan centers. Becoming increasingly aware of the destructive effects of Western Medicine upon patients and the greed, arrogance and ignorance that supports the medical establishment, Dr D. has written a passionate account that details the dangers of going to your doctor. He then goes on to urge readers to investigate the world of alternative treatments; providing general directions, treatment alternatives and specific information and referral sources. Lastly, he concludes with a powerful and inspiring call to readers to open their minds and hearts to what they really already know, empowering them to take charge of their own health care.

                   Doctors Are Dangerous * by Dr. D, M.D.                          How to Stay Healthy                  Publication Date: February 22, 2001       Trade Paperback; $8.50; 104 pages; ISBN 978-0-7388-2303-4       Cloth Hardback; $18.00; 104 pages; ISBN 978-0-7388-2302-7 

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