Grifols Launches PediGri(R) On Line for Its US Plasma Therapies

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Grifols launched in the US its proprietary PediGri(R) On Line system that gives healthcare providers access to quality and safety information about the plasma used in the production of Grifols’ therapies. Through a web portal at registered healthcare providers (including physicians, nurses and pharmacists) can access lot specific information about the individual plasma sources that contributed to each product vial. Grifols USA is the US sales and marketing division of Grifols, SA a global healthcare company based in Barcelona, Spain that specializes in the production of life-saving plasma therapies.

The Grifols PediGri(R) system provides full traceability from donation to final product. “Today, it is more important than ever that healthcare providers have confidence in the source of the medications they prescribe and administer,” commented Bill Stopher, President of Grifols USA. “Grifols PediGri(R) provides an unparalleled level of information about the source and quality of the plasma used to produce Grifols’ therapies,” continued Mr. Stopher. By simply entering the lot number found on the product vial, healthcare providers can view specific quality and safety information about each plasma donation used in the production of that vial, the complete certificate of analysis for the lot, and the package insert. To use the system, healthcare providers must register on line at and obtain a confidential username and password prior to accessing the PediGri(R) On Line web portal.

“As a physician who prescribes and administers plasma therapies, I believe healthcare providers will embrace PediGri(R) On Line,” said Laurence Logan, MD, Medical Director for Grifols USA. “This level of transparency underscores Grifols’ commitment of quality and safety to the healthcare community,” continued Dr. Logan. Patients who use Grifols’ therapies can access PediGri(R) On Line through consultation with their healthcare provider.

Introduction of PediGri(R) On Line is consistent with the Company’s long history of providing innovative products and services to healthcare providers and healthcare consumers. In the 1950’s Grifols pioneered the process of extracting blood plasma, called plasmapheresis, which has given rise to the widespread availability of life-saving plasma therapies. Grifols’ PediGri(R) has been available in Europe for nearly a decade and will now be made available for all Grifols’ plasma therapies marketed and sold in the US. All Grifols’ therapies marketed and sold in the US are produced exclusively from plasma obtained at FDA licensed and inspected donor centers located in the US.

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