MAHSA’s Healthcare Courses Good Option for Students

THE choices we make today determine our future. Yet, making choices is always tough, even more so for young school leavers who have sat for their SPM, STPM or A-Level examinations.

It is essential for students to take into account their interests. Advice from counsellors would come in handy. For those who are keen to build a career in healthcare, a bright future awaits.

The healthcare sector is growing rapidly as Malaysians are becoming more conscious about their well-being. It is one of the most dynamic fields where the demand for qualified professionals is constantly on the rise.

To gain entry into the healthcare sector, a degree in the field of allied health sciences goes a long way.

Living up to its distinguished reputation, the Malaysian Allied Health Sciences Academy (MAHSA) offers a good selection of degrees in allied health sciences.

Physiotherapy is a field which is fast gaining popularity, especially in developed countries with a growing ageing population.

MAHSA’s B.Sc. (Hons) in Physiotherapy, offered in collaboration with Northumbria University, United Kingdom, equips students with the knowledge and clinical skills to diagnose, formulate and implement treatment plan for patients.

With a degree in physiotherapy, graduates can work in public and private hospitals. They can also work in sports clinics and nursing homes for the elderly.

Conducted fully at MAHSA in collaboration with the University of Teesside, United Kingdom, students of B. Sc. (Hons) in Nursing Studies are also trained to think critically.

Graduates can even pursue a Master’s and PhD programme in nursing. With postgraduate qualifications, they can seek employment as lecturers in institutes of higher learning.

Dentistry has also become an essential segment of the healthcare sector.

In view of this trend, MAHSA is offering the Doctor in Dental Surgery, a 5+0 programme.

The degree is equivalent to the Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree.

For enquiries, call MAHSA at 1800 88 0300; 03-2092-9999 or 03- 2093-8992. You can also e-mail [email protected]

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