MedImmune Licenses Reverse Genetics Technology to Omninvest

MedImmune, a biotechnology company, has licensed its proprietary reverse genetics intellectual property to Omninvest, a research and manufacturing company, to support the development and construction of new vaccine strains to produce non-live human influenza vaccines.

MedImmune will receive an upfront payment and has the potential to receive royalties on certain vaccine stockpiles or sales of other influenza products developed using the reverse genetics technology.

Jonathan Klein-Evans, vice president of intellectual property at MedImmune, said: “Omninvest has demonstrated decades of commitment to providing protection against influenza, and we commend their commitment to donate some of their product to the World Health Organization stockpile for distribution among developing nations. MedImmune is pleased to license our reverse genetics technology to Omninvest as we have done previously to five other influenza vaccine manufacturers.”