Shenui Launches Its Standout Line of Made-to-Order Skin Care

Imagine a skin care laboratory created by medical experts, ready to custom-formulate your new batch of skin care products at the time you place your online order. Not only do these products incorporate clinically effective levels of BioActives (naturally derived, active ingredients comprised of vitamins, peptides, proteins, enzymes and extracts), but products also arrive specially packaged in unique containers that preserve potency, with a customized label bearing your name, a complete inventory of ingredients, and an expiration date.

Tailor to your skin’s desire: Formulations can be enhanced with skin-boosting BioActives that moisturize, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliate, revitalize, soothe, and regenerate. Choose from 40 different BioActives, many of which are natural or organic, and select from 20 scents including Japanese cherry blossom, cassis, or glacier fresh (fragrance free available for sensitive types).

Developed in the Seattle area lab of its Swiss founders, Karin and Dr. Thomas Bombeli, the company was established in 2008 following the success of their existing cosmetics wholesale business, (formerly Somerset, founded in 1997). A doctor specializing in medical research, Thomas Bombeli became increasingly interested in cosmetic chemistry as his wife, Karin, a former nurse, began course work and practice in cosmetic formulations in 1993.

“I was always very passionate about skin care ingredients, and after learning the basics of formulating, I developed my interest over the 15 years following,” Karin Bombeli said. “My goal was to develop formulas based on active, functional ingredients that had positive effects on the skin, and because skin care is so personal, it was of utmost importance to me to create products that were not only safe, pure and healthy, but also completely tailored to a user’s specific needs and preferences.”

The Bombelis devised Shenui knowing not only that its made-to-order concept would require expert, personalized service, but that it could also deliver results well beyond any mass market store line (whose BioActive effects often diminish before they ever reach the cash register). With Shenui, expert technicians create each product individually as they are ordered. Based on the user’s individual needs and preferences, fresh BioActives are incorporated into formulations to create highly effective products based on the consumer’s exact skin care needs.

As a means to promote education and integrity, Shenui subscribes to an ethical, “open label” practice that discloses the precise concentration of BioActives found in each formulation; traditional cosmetic companies avoid divulging this information because many use BioActive concentrations too insufficient to scientifically satisfy product claims. Customers will delight in Shenui’s personalized product labels that include the user’s name, modeled much like a pharmaceutical prescription label.

About Shenui

Breaking ground with exceptional freshness, potent ingredients, and advanced practices, Shenui – a brand new skin care line available exclusively online at – spares the empty promises and delivers results.

The Shenui name is a fusion of Feng Shui philosophy and an adaptation of root words, “Shen” meaning spirit and “Kui” meaning variety. Customers seeking completely personalized, effective skin care reap all of the benefits of Dr. Thomas and Karin Bombeli’s collective medical and cosmetic formulation expertise, including their commitment to providing fresh, advanced, customizable products.

Shenui skin care products are exclusively formulated-to-order and therefore not available in stores. Visit to view the full range of products, ingredients and customizable possibilities. for more information, call 877-shenui0 (877-743-6840).

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