Leading Dermatology Clinic Chooses IntraOp’s Mobetron to Provide Non-Surgical Radiation Therapy to Skin Cancer Patients

IntraOp Medical Corporation (OTCBB: IOPM) today announced that it entered into an agreement with Southwest Florida Dermrad, LLC(TM) (Dermrad(TM)) in Fort Myers, Florida, to provide a Mobetron that will treat skin cancer patients with electron-beam radiation therapy. Dermrad(TM) selected the Mobetron because of its ability to provide desirable cosmetic outcomes for patients in an office setting, and potentially reduce the need for invasive skin cancer surgeries. IntraOp plans to install the Mobetron within the next 30 days.

In the United States, there are over 1 million nonmelanoma skin cancer cases per year. The current standard of care for these patients includes excisional surgery, Moh’s surgery, and electro-dessication curettage. Unfortunately, these invasive procedures can result in unsightly scarring, making them less desirable options for cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face. In addition, these surgical techniques are not always the preferred method of treatment for large tumors in areas with compromised blood supply. As such, elderly patients may have prolonged healing and wound infection with surgery, and may be better served with radiation to avoid these problems. Radiation can also be used to treat high risk cancers after surgery to prevent recurrence.

Radiation therapy was once a standard of care in dermatology, but fell out of favor due to lack of accessibility. Because the Mobetron delivers electron-beam radiation therapy in a fully mobile, self-shielding environment, dermatologists can now use electron-beam radiation in the office setting.

Radiation therapy treatment has comparable cure rates for all forms of basal and squamous cell skin cancers as surgery, making it an exciting alternative for many skin cancer patients. Electron-beam radiation is also an excellent complementary offering for dermatology practices since it offers very strong reimbursement from both Medicare and private payers and can be widely used for cosmetic treatments, such as the removal of keloid scars.

The Mobetron is currently in use at more than 26 hospitals around the world, including eight in the United States. The Mobetron is typically used to deliver intraoperative electron-beam radiation therapy (IOERT) to cancer patients at the time of surgery, in many cases eliminating the need for post-operative radiation treatment. Dermrad(TM) is the first in the world to deploy the Mobetron for non-surgical use in an office setting.

“I view the addition of the Mobetron to our dermatology practice as an important benefit for my patients,” says Andrew Jaffe, MD, a Dermrad(TM) founder. “We are very excited to begin offering non-surgical skin cancer treatment using the Mobetron as a compliment to our comprehensive skin cancer center.”

Dr. Jaffe continued, “Because the Mobetron does not require shielding, our dermatology group will be able to install the Mobetron directly in our office building, allowing our patients to receive treatments in a more hospitable and familiar surrounding. In addition to the convenience for the patients, this allows our doctors, working hand in hand with the radiation oncologist, to closely follow patient progress from our own facility.”

John Powers, President and CEO of IntraOp Medical, added, “Dr. Jaffe and his colleagues at Dermrad(TM) are on the leading edge of skin cancer innovation. We are thrilled that they have chosen the Mobetron to provide skin cancer patients with electron beam radiation treatment and anticipate that many dermatologists will follow suit.”

The Mobetron will be installed at Riverchase Dermatology by Demrad(TM), a newly formed service provider. Demrad is also considering the purchase of 10 additional Mobetrons to be installed at dermatology centers across the country.

About IntraOp

IntraOp Medical Corporation provides innovative technology solutions for the treatment and eradication of cancer. Founded in 1993, IntraOp is committed to providing the tools doctors need to administer intra-operative radiation therapy safely and effectively – for all cancer patients. The company’s flagship product, the Mobetron, is the first fully portable, self-shielding intra-operative electron radiation therapy device designed for use in any operating room. Key Mobetron benefits include: increased survival rates, better local tumor control, shorter treatment cycles, and fewer side effects. Leading hospitals, from university research centers to specialized cancer clinics in North America, Europe and Asia, use the Mobetron as a vital part of their comprehensive cancer program.

For more information on IntraOp Medical Corporation, please visit www.intraopmedical.com

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