The F. Dohmen Co. Marks 150th Anniversary With Global Charitable Giving

Three charitable organizations that concentrate on providing healthcare products and services to the neediest parts of the world will receive donations totaling $750,000 from The F. Dohmen Co. Foundation, COO Cynthia LaConte announced today.

Each charity will receive $250,000. The donations are being made in conjunction with The F. Dohmen Co’s. 150th anniversary. The beneficiaries include:

— MAP International – During fiscal year 2008, MAP distributed more than $458 million in medicines and emergency medical supplies for underprivileged people in 117 countries across the globe. MAP also increased its shipment of Travel Packs to more than 3,000. Each portable pack contains approximately $14,000 in essential medicines and supplies designed for doctors traveling to hard-to-reach areas.

— IMA World Health – By providing healthcare services and products to people in need across the globe, IMA World Health envisions a world relieved of the burden of disease that results from poverty and instability. This is accomplished through direct provision to hospitals, clinics, programs, and other healthcare providers, and by strengthening health systems through training, education, and oversight.

— Vitamin Angels – Dedicated to providing vital nutrition in the form of supplements to developing countries, communities and individuals in need. Vitamin Angels plans to eliminate Vitamin A deficiency childhood blindness by the year 2020 through the systematic distribution of vitamin A to at-risk children. In 2007, Vitamin Angels reached more than 7 million children by providing nutritional supplements to programs in over 40 countries.

“In considering the altruistic achievements of these three outstanding organizations, we realized that they share one thing in common with our foundation: the desire to help fulfill the mission of connecting people in need with healthcare products and services,” LaConte said. “The F. Dohmen Co. Foundation is honored to help support their important goals.”

The recipients of the donations expressed their appreciation and discussed how the money will benefit those in need.

“The F. Dohmen Co.’s commitment to connecting vital healthcare with the people who need it most is completely aligned with Vitamin Angels’ mission to provide vital nutrition, especially vitamin A, to the children no one else is reaching,” said Howard B. Schiffer, President of Vitamin Angels. “With F. Dohmen’s support we will be reaching over 10 million children in 2009, and by providing essential nutrition, save millions of children’s lives.”

“On behalf of the 25 million program beneficiaries, we are indeed grateful to the F. Dohmen Co.’s generous gift in support of MAP’s work,” said Michael J. Nyenhuis, MAP International President & CEO. “This gift will help MAP reach those in greatest need with life-saving medicines and compassionate healthcare.”

The F. Dohmen Co. Foundation was created with an initial endowment of $3 million in 2007. The foundation will be funded by annually committing a percentage of corporate profits.

In all, The F. Dohmen Co. Foundation is making contributions totaling $1.5 million this year. The foundation also recently announced donations totaling $750,000 to the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The F. Dohmen Co. is celebrating its historic 150th anniversary Nov. 8 at the Grain Exchange in Milwaukee with an event for family, friends and employees of the Dohmen family of businesses. Attendees are scheduled to include Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who will present a proclamation honoring the company for reaching its historic anniversary.

ABOUT THE F. DOHMEN CO.: Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., The F. Dohmen Co. is a fifth-generation, family-owned business, which has served the healthcare industry for 150 years. Started in 1858 as a retail/wholesale pharmacy, The F. Dohmen Co. has steadily grown in reach and focus, utilizing a strategy of innovation and diligent market analysis. The F. Dohmen Co. portfolio of service offerings now includes pharmaceutical logistics through DDN, and prescription benefit management through RESTAT. The F. Dohmen Co. takes pride in being an industry leader, focusing on consistently delivering outstanding value and quality. For more information, visit

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