Sex Disorder Doesn’t Keep Men From Having Children

Men that suffer from a rare disease where they are plagued with extra female genes can still produce children after having surgery that gathers their sperm, says a new study.

Men with Klinefelter’s syndrome have an extra X chromosome. Usually men have a single X and Y-chromosome, and women have two X chromosomes. Men with Klinefelter’s syndrome have two X and one Y chromosome, which can affect their fertility.

Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy at New York-Presbyterian Hospital employed a surgery that removes sperm from 45 of their 68 patients.

57% of the men’s partners became pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Sperm retrieval was more lucrative in younger men, in 71% of men 22 to 30 years old, 86% in 31 to 35, and 50% in 36 to 52 years old.

Sperm extraction rates were not as successful in men who underwent testosterone replacement therapy, a common thing in men with Klinefelter’s syndrome.

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