WHO Reports Decline In Global Swine Flu Pandemic

The World Health Organization announced Friday that H1N1 flu has peaked in the US and Canada.

A(H1N1) influenza is also peaking in western Europe, as the virus is moving east into central Europe and Asia.

“Disease activity has peaked and is declining in North America and has either recently peaked or is currently peaking in much of western and northern Europe,” WHO said.

“In the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere, the early arriving winter influenza season continues to intensify across central Europe and in parts of central, eastern, and southern Asia.”

The UN health agency still reported indications of a decline of flu activity in several European countries that were heavily affected, like Ukraine and Belarus.

As the H1N1 virus permeated 207 countries, the international death toll hit 8,768, with an increase of 942, a smaller amount than the large amount last week.

Since April, the flu has affected a 22 million Americans and 4,000 have died.

The swine flu pandemic has had two waves in the US: a spring movement, and a bigger wave that began late in the summer.

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