Study Shows Increase in Obesity Rates in Maryland, Virginia, Dramatic Rise in Diabetes in D.C.

COLLEGE PARK, Md., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Experts at My Weight Doctor® ,one of the Washington area’s most prestigious weight loss clinics, expressed alarm over reports that obesity rates had surged in Maryland and Virginia residents. They warn area residents to take steps to reverse the trend and seek weight loss solutions and healthier lifestyles.

The report, by the Robert Wood Foundation, indicates that obesity rate grew 27 percent in Maryland over a three-year period and 25 percent in Virginia. The statistics for those who are overweight and obese grew 64 percent in Maryland and 61 percent in Virginia.

“This trend as indicated by the Robert Wood Foundation is of major concern, being overweight or in fact obese can lead to a myriad of health problems – such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer,” said My Weight Doctor® clinic’s medical director Dr. Henri Ghanei.

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Indeed, in the report, diabetes rates in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia have climbed. According to the report, the diabetes rate climbed 20% over the past three years and 23 percent for the same time period in Maryland and Virginia.

“We believe that most people who are challenged with weight problems should take necessary measures to become healthier – nutrition, increasing their fitness regimens. We also recommend that in addition to those options, persons check in with a qualified medical physician to seek solutions to obtaining healthier weight,” said Dr. Ghanei.

My Weight Doctor® also plans to begin community health fairs to educate about nutrition and weight loss. For more information about upcoming seminars and community events, contact the My Weight Doctor® marketing and community affairs department at (240) 473-6659.

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