BistroMD Adds New Culinary Inspiration to Entrees

NAPLES, Fla., Aug. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — BistroMD, the weight loss program that provides great tasting, nutritionally sound meals for a lighter, healthier you, is proud to announce the latest addition to their culinary team, Chef Krishna Chand.

“We are proud to welcome Chef Krishna to our team of culinary professionals,” says Ed Cederquist, President of BistroMD. “With Chef Krishna’s expertise in creating authentic exotic cuisine, our clients will continue to be able to enjoy a new variety of unique and delicious meals while they achieve their weight loss goals.”

Chef Krishna earned his Associate Degree in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1992. However, his interest in the culinary arts began years ago on the island of Antigua. As a child, Chef Krishna developed a passion for cooking at an early age.

“My earliest memories of cooking were of me helping my mother in the kitchen,” says Krishna. “I can remember sitting on my mother’s lap, beating eggs, helping her make palm cakes for her restaurant. Our family owned the only Indian restaurant on Antigua, which is where I grew up.”

Motivated by his love for cooking at an early age, Chef Krishna always knew he wanted to pursue a career as a chef. Since then, he has created fantastic culinary creations across Atlanta and across the country, serving as Executive Chef and Executive Corporate Chef for many local restaurants as well as national food distributors.

“I have always been at peace in the kitchen, no matter what’s going on in life,” says Krishna. “It brings me true happiness.”

As one of the top weight loss programs in the nation, BistroMD avoids bland and boring diet meals by working with a team of expert and specially trained chefs to prepare each meal. With Chef Krishna’s experience in perfecting exotic dishes, BistroMD will be able to offer clients even more healthy cuisine.

“Chef Krishna has a unique culinary background with his expertise in preparing Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Middle-Eastern cuisine,” says Cederquist. “We are looking forward to offering Chef Krishna’s fantastic and unique creations to our clients in the near future.”

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Chef Krishna Creating New Entrees:

In his spare time, Chef Krishna loves to prepare new dishes and try out new ingredients for BistroMD.

Incorporating Exotic Flair:

Chef Krishna is an expert at creating exotic dishes. Here he is slicing plantains to use in one of his unique recipes.

About BistroMD

Headquartered in Naples, Florida, BistroMD is a weight loss program that provides nutritionally sound, great-tasting meals, designed for a lighter, healthier you.

Founding physician Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., is the medical director of the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center. As a board-certified bariatric physician, as well as a family practice physician, her scientific understanding of medical weight management through proper nutrition has allowed her to help patients all over the world achieve healthy weight loss.

BistroMD’s home-delivered meals are healthy, delicious and convenient, going beyond the diet industry’s focus on portion control. Each meal is chef-prepared with the proper combinations of food scientifically proven to support weight loss. For more information on BistroMD, please visit:

Contact: Amanda Paul
Phone: (239) 514-0700
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