Say No to Over-the-Counter Statin Drugs, Because of Side Effects

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The leading website about lowering cholesterol naturally, (, unequivocally recommends that all patients with high cholesterol educate themselves on natural methods for lowering cholesterol, before they ever think of using any statin drug.

This education becomes even more important now, since there are voices recommending that some statin drugs may be available over-the-counter (OTC), despite observed statin side effects.

There are half a dozen ways to lower cholesterol without drugs. One can change their diet, exercise more, give up smoking, lose weight, reduce alcohol consumption or use natural supplements that lower cholesterol.

There are proven supplements that lower cholesterol naturally like red yeast rice, garlic, flaxseed and guggul. The founder of the website, Artin Vaqari, has experienced himself the cholesterol-lowering effects of such natural supplements. At the beginning of this year he lowered his cholesterol by 58 points in 2 months by using natural supplements.

“It is going to be very helpful if drug companies work to educate patients that have high cholesterol, rather than just asking them to take statin drugs,” he said. “While some people may really need cholesterol lowering drugs, in many cases it may not be necessary since a patient may not have that high cholesterol levels, or simple changes in lifestyles as mentioned above may bring cholesterol under control.”

Education is key.

“With such education, patients with high cholesterol will be able to determine for themselves whether to take cholesterol lowering drugs or not. As a matter of fact, drugs have their own place to lower cholesterol, but a patient may need to take a drug only after exhausting natural alternatives first. If that is not successful, then a patient may carefully and with the advice of a doctor start a regime of drugs and also be alert for potential side effects,” he said.

Find out firsthand about statin side effects at, including comments from people who actually suffered such side effects. The site also shows alternatives for lowering cholesterol naturally. Once at the website, visitors can get a digital copy of the web’s most downloaded cholesterol report, Cholesterol Lowering Secrets.

About is the leading website about lowering cholesterol naturally, which is visited by more than 1 million visitors a year. The website provides comprehensive information regarding cholesterol, cholesterol drugs, supplements, triglycerides, etc. Visit the website for more information or email [email protected]


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