Sacramento HeartScan Offers Body Scan Gift Certificates

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Sacramento HeartScan has announced that preventive imaging holiday gift certificates for heart, lung and whole body scans are available.

“If you’re having difficulty with last-minute shopping, this is definitely something to consider,” said Dr. Raye Bellinger of Sacramento HeartScan. “As unusual as it might seem, these gifts convey a great deal of care for those that are closest and most important to us. The preventive imaging scans are also quite popular with business people.”

Bellinger said that last year — right before Christmas — one local business executive came in and bought 10 certificates to hand out as gifts at his company. Bellinger said it also gets the message out that early detection is crucial to the successful treatment of heart disease, lung cancer and other conditions.

Gift certificates for the following scans are available, with discounts for multiple certificates:

Coronary artery screen (heart scan) — this fast and painless CT scan measures the amount of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries and provides the patient with a coronary calcium score to help assess the risk of heart disease. $250.00

Lung screen — low radiation, high speed CT scan of the lungs for igh-risk, non-symptomatic patients. Detects lung cancer at an earlier and more treatable stage than ordinary x-ray. $275.00

Brain screen — for the early detection of brain tumors, strokes and other silent diseases. $225.00

Whole body screen — multiple high resolution images which give a detailed look at the vital organs. Includes scans of the heart, lung, abdomen, pelvis, plus a bone density scan. $675.00

Lung & coronary artery screen — coronary calcium score plus lung screen. $375.00

Whole body screen & brain screen — the most thorough anatomical imaging assessment offered at Sacramento Heart. $750.00

Ultrasound carotid/stroke screen — the carotid ultrasound assesses the carotid artery in the neck for fatty deposits or plaque, which may result in stroke. $125.00

CT scans at Sacramento HeartScan, including lung, heart and brain, are performed using the LightSpeed VCT 64-slice scanner, the only one of its kind in the area. Unlike more conventional four-slice scanners, the LightSpeed VCT 64-slice captures clear images of the heart between beats and also provides clear, more precise pictures of other organs and tissue. Physician consultation is available upon request for all procedures.

For more information about Sacrament HeartScan gift certificates, call 916-830-2009.

About Sacramento HeartScan

Sacramento HeartScan is part of the Sacramento Heart Center, the area’s premier integrated cardiac facility, providing complete cardiology and wellness care plus a full range of diagnostic and laboratory services. Sacramento HeartScan is one of a limited number of cardiovascular centers in the United States using the LightSpeed VCT 64-slice scanner for detection of disease. Sacramento HeartScan recently purchased the 64-slice CT scanner, replacing the 16-slice CT scanner, which can uncover early stages of disorders such as: heart disease, lung disease and certain cancers. Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates, developers of the Sacramento Heart Center, is affiliated with most health care systems in Sacramento. For more information or to make an appointment, visit or call 916-830-2009.

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